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Am I a bad person?

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Recently, I've been acting sorta 'weird.' I am nearly everywhere, looking at most threads, posting lots of stuff. I've just been wanting to stay ahead of several newbies in post count and popularity, well, because I joined before them. And because of that I think I may or may not have pissed people off. I suck.


I am a Twilight Sparkle and TLK fan, but I feel that theres so many fans already, and I'd never 'make it to the top.' I keep thinking about these things. Wonder if Twilight Sparkle the Pony Queen will become a thing. *glances at my own sig and profile*


I became obsessed with counting every post and profile view and keeping track.


Do these things make me a bad person?

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You're not a bad person for liking to be on top, but I feel like you may be a little bit over-reactive on this whole thing. :P

It's good to see you grow, but don't think that you'll fail in being a part of this site because you aren't as popular. Everyone has their place here. Even me. Even you. Even every single person here.

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Those things don't make you a bad person.  They sound somewhat like obsessive compulsive behaviors (and I should know), but they don't scream "bad person."


And no one's actually "at the top" when it comes to devotion as a fan.  It's not a competition, and it shouldn't be.  Just show your appreciation for Twilight in your own, unique way.


Lastly: I don't know who you think you've pissed off or why, but you can't always control whether or not someone gets upset.  There are opinions being tossed around constantly on the site, and there's always something being debated.  The only way you can ensure that you won't offend someone here is by saying nothing at all.

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