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Fallout 4 Review



I remember when this game was nothing but a legend a folktale to pass around on the internet. When it finally

it was hyped up big time and
made it look like it was the next big game. Oh how we were wrong, dead wrong. Today I'm going to review Fallout 4 in two categories the good and the bad.


The Good

+The Character Creator is really, but I mean really good. I like how it’s no longer a menu screen and you can select the part of the face you want to customize.


+You can customize the color of the flashlight and the Pip Boy screen


+Junk has a point. You can use said junk to build a variety of stuff like buildings and weapons


+Weapon customization is amazing, and you redesign and heck you can even name it. Heck I even named a shotgun “Boomstick”


+VATS is vastly improved and no longer a “pause screen”.


+SPECIAL has a point. By that I mean in 3 and NV it was just there and it didn’t really impact the game that much. It’s also now tied into the perks as well.



+The gun-play is fantastic as well.


+The Open World is vastly improved on the last two games. The world has radiation storms and weather in general and has different environments fitting to Boston.


+The Settlement mechanic is really fun and you build own fort and community.


+The Mods are fantastic. If you have a PC please check Nexus mods.


The Negative


-I heard this enough and I agree: The story sucks. It’s pretty much Fallout 3’s but in inverse and whoever is the head writer for the story should be fired because he is terrible.


-The Factions have no point at all and The Minutemen are as annoying as that one friend that pokes you on Facebook.


-The game has quite a few loading screens.


-The Companion A.I. sucks and is glitchy as all hell.


-The Dialogue. Bethesda tried to do the Bioware/ Telltale approach to it and it FAILS big time. The voice acting from mostly everyone feels stilted and flat, and it brakes the immersion that that the main character of this story is supposed to be you.


-Some perks are pointless such as one that gives immunity to radioactive water.


-DLC sucks and half of them are workshop content. My question is why couldn’t all the workshop DLC be one big DLC? On a similar note, the only DLC worth noting is Far Harbor and Nuka World (Maybe, as it hasn’t come out yet as I type this.)


-Here’s one thing I think I hate most about Fallout 4: There is little to no horror. Yeah a post-apocalyptic game with little to no horror, allow that to sink in. When I think Fallout I think of a Lovecraftian theme park. On top that, in previous two game (3 and New Vegas) Vaults were the game’s version of a haunted house and you also felt someone was watching you. Now, Vaults are just futuristic looking bomb shelters and that’s it. Yeah they are experiments done each vault, but none of them are really that creepy.



I will honestly say that I did uninstall FaIlout 4 at least three times, but I won’t say Fallout 4 is up there with Sonic 06 or Duke Nukem Forever of being the worst game ever made. I will say however Fallout 4 is good game trying to come out, but is bogged by missing the horror atmosphere that was in all the previous installments, a terrible story, and lot of other things. Do I still recommend this game? In strange way, yes, but now. It’s not worth the $60 or $110(with season pass) price. I would wait until there is a “Game of the Year” edition is out and then wait for that to go on sale.






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