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Yandere Simulator

Ziggy + Angel + Rain


A friend just told me about this game in development called "Yandere Simulator." A game where you can finally realize your dream of being a Japanese schoolgirl and, hopefully, being noticed by senpai... By doing things like writing fake love letters, taking photos of other students' panties for a mysterious Info-chan, and maybe even donning a mask and straight-up stabbing someone to death with a ritual dagger.


Oh, but you can attend class, too. Put those "study points" into biology if you want to better understand the vulnerable points of the human body. Want to join the drama club? Excellent choice; you have easier access to identity-concealing masks when you want to dole out some pain to troublesome students.


You can design your own ideal senpai (the "female" option wasn't available in the demo). I tried to make him look as stupid as possible.


Notice me, senpai. Notice me or I'll bludgeon someone with a magical girl rod.
While wearing a fox mask, no less.


There are a decent number of customization options you can pick on the fly. Here are a couple of combos:


Toast-mouth Super Saiyan Yandere.


Popsicle-mouth Eye Patch Yandere.


By the way: What panties you wear apparently affect things like how well-received your compliments are or how efficiently you learn things in class. Good to know; though I do wonder if this would have benefited me in high school.

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