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Finally Another Update



I finally finished something else for my book! Writing, as it turns out, is really difficult when you have so many other things you like to do, like watch Supernatural or read Homestuck. However, I have finally written something else! Hooray! What I've written is the first of many paintball matches that the team plays. I'm not really familiar with paintball (having only ever played it once) and so I don't really know if what I've written is actually something that would make sense. However, I think it does, and so I've written it.


Without further ado, here it is!:


Teresa, Alex, and Jade started forward, staying close together. They reached a crossroads and split up. Teresa went right, Alex forward, and Jade left. Teresa and Jade stayed in each other’s sight for as long as possible. As they made to go forwards, there came the sound of someone firing on Jade’s end, and paint splats appeared on the ground a little ways behind her. She fired back some while running for cover. She crouched down behind a corner and gestured at Teresa to come help. Teresa started towards her, but froze when something flew past her and splatted on the building to her right. She turned quickly to her left and searched for the paintballs origin. She couldn’t find it until another shot went whizzing past her face, missing her mask by inches. She looked where the paintball had come from and saw Nick aiming through the first story window of a building at the other end of the area. Teresa fired off a couple shots, then ducked behind the building to her right. She peeked around the corner and got hit with the remains of a paintball that had splattered on the wall barely an inch from her face. She whipped back around and crouched. She took this opportunity to check on Jade. Jade was no longer there, but there were quite a few more paint splats. She looked back around her corner and saw that Nick has disappeared. She abandoned that route and moved to the middle, where Alex had gone. She cautiously peered around the corner and almost got a face full of paint. When the paintball hit the building however, it splatted green rather than orange. She looked around the corner again to see Alex standing in the middle of the lane. Teresa pulled her head back and held out her gun to show that she was on the same team. When no shots came she slowly came out from around the corner. Alex was walking towards her. Teresa came out and quickly walked to Alex.
When they were close enough Alex said, in a muffled voice because of her mask, “Did you get anyone?”
Teresa shook her head and said in an also muffled voice “Nick almost got me, but I have no idea where he went. Do you know what happened to Jade?”
“No, but she’ll probably be okay. I’m pretty sure it was Felix that was shooting at her, and she’s much better than him.” Alex responded. She looked around, then opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted when Teresa shoved her down. A second later a paintball hit the ground a few feet behind where Alex was standing. Teresa aimed about where it came from and saw Jayden aiming down at her from a balcony. They both fired at each other. Teresa hit the door frame behind Jayden and he hit the ground to her left. Jayden turned back into the building and ran. Teresa lowered her gun and walked over to where Alex was noisily getting up.
“Was shoving me over really necessary?” she asked annoyedly as Teresa helped her up.
Teresa responded, “Hey, it’s not my fault you fell over. I was just trying to push you out of the way.”
“Whatever, we need to find Jade.” said Alex, turning towards the crossroads. They walked to the corner and looked around it. Nothing was there except the paint splatters from before. They both slowly walked to the other corner and ducked down. Alex quickly edged out around it and pointed her gun upwards. After a few seconds she stood up and said, “All clear.”
Then a large amount a paintballs splattered all around her. She jumped behind the corner and almost fell over again. “Never mind.” she said, “Not clear.”
The paintballs stopped raining down after a few seconds. “Where do you think they were coming from?” Teresa asked.
Alex pointed in the general up direction. “Over up that way I think.” Then she moved over to the edge and pointed her gun around the corner. She fired about ten times before they heard a muffled shout of, “Damn it!”
Alex and Teresa then both cautiously walked around the corner. In the upper right balcony on the second closest building stood Nick, with one large paint splat on his right shoulder. There were other splats on the wall to his right.
Alex put down her gun and shouted, “Ha! Gotcha!”
Then she took a paintball to the face.
From the doorway of the house Nick was in stood Jayden, his gun still pointed towards them. However, he didn’t see Teresa until it was too late. The paintball hit him right in the chest and he jerked back a little. He looked down at where it had it, then looked back up, walked out, and held up his gun in surrender. He walked to the exit to wait for the game to finish. Not too soon after, Nick came down doing the same thing. Alex gave Teresa a thumbs up and followed Nick.
Now teresa was all by herself. From what she could tell, neither Jade nor Felix were out yet. She walked down the lane, gun up and ready. She reached the next crossroads without incident. There she found the largest collection of paint splats yet. She looked around at the spot, trying to determine where they had gone, when she spotted movement on a balcony a house down. She fired off a few shots, but missed. However, the person shot the ground roughly ten feet in front of Teresa, rather than at her. One check of the color told her it was Jade. Teresa ran to the building and ducked inside. After checking that Felix wasn’t around, she ran to the stairs and up to Jade. She was still on the balcony, looking for Felix.
She turned as Teresa approached. “I think I know where he is, so I’ve been trying to draw him out. So far, I haven’t seen him, but I heard him fall down the stairs in one of these houses.”
“Ouch,” said Teresa. “What do you think he’s planning?”
Jade shrugged and said, “Not sure. I’m sure he’s probably coming after us, but he’s being very ste-”
Both Teresa and Jade whipped around, guns pointed into the building. After a few seconds, they relaxed slightly, only to tense up again with another THUMP. They moved slowly into the building, expecting Felix to suddenly jump out from somewhere.
Then, quite suddenly, there was another thump right behind him, and the sound of a paintball gun going off. Teresa spun around quickly, firing blindly. She heard a grunt of pain from Jade and a very loud, “Ow!” from Felix. She looked and saw that she had Felix right on the inside of his left thigh, and Jade had been hit on the back of her right hand. After a few seconds, she realized what had happened and punched the air, shouting, “Suck it, Felix!”
Felix grumbled a little then said, “That’s not very sportsmanlike.”
“Oh shut up.” Teresa said, happy from her victory. Then she, Jade, and Felix all left the building, ready to finish up and get something to eat.


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