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So before I start today's story, I just want to make an announcement. You see, I've been playing quite a bit of Tetris Ultimate lately, and... well, I just wanted to say that I can really connect with Tetris. As I was placing those little blocks, I suddenly realized how great it really is to be placed and rearranged. So, I believe I have made my decision. I now sexually identify as Tetromino. If you don't know what that is then am deeply offended and you should jump off a bridge or something.


Alright, so back to the story. My crazy Asian friends (the ones who made me injest half a tube of wasabi), are just a little shy of insane, and I knew this. So, to get my "ultimate" revenge, I came to school with a roll of smarties, you know, those old fashion candies your parents gave you to act your age. Anyway, I slapped about four of them on the lunch table and smiled,
"I dare you to snort them," I'd say to the "leader" (the one who recorded everything the day before).
Of course, being a part of a culture that revolved around honor, he couldn't deny. Instead, he asked me for a credit card to chop it up. I handed him a subway card, which, did the trick just fine. I watched him as he carefully lined it up and pressed his face against the table. At this point, just about everyone was standing around him, watching as they silently chanted him to do it.


He went home early that day, dazed and confused on what was going on around him. Lesson of today is to not do drugs or snort smarties. It won't make you smart.




EDIT: Photo has been added.

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