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Synaptic phenomena

Midnight Scribbler


Dreams and nightmares are my connection to a realm beyond conscious knowledge. I feel as though I have a much more vivid connection than many I've spoken to. I feel a mixture of envy and pity for those who say they do not experience their dreams. I envy them because they never have to witness the horrors I have witnessed in my nightmares. I pity them, because they will never know the wonder of seeing the impossible happening before them.


Though I don't want to sound like I think I'm better or worse in anyway, because truly I do not believe that, I do however feel that I have been gifted/cursed with some form of ability to draw information and send information without need for words or gesture. On countless occasions I've had my thoughts acted out by others without input from me in any way. I'll be thinking of a tune, and find someone along my travels singing the same tune. I'll have a dream conversation, and wake up to someone next to me speaking the words in their sleep. I'll dream of something, and have it come to pass in reality. I've lived whole lifetimes in a night of dreaming, no word of a lie. I realize some of you may be thinking "These seem easily confused with coincidence." And I was inclined to agree, but it just keeps happening, and it's becoming hard to ignore. I know for a fact there is still a lot about the human mind that we have yet to understand on any fundamental level. So these ideas, though some may choose to ignore and pass off as happenstance, I believe should be taken into consideration. Regardless of any factual evidence to lead anywhere, I can only go on what I have experienced, and what I have experienced is enough for me to believe that there is indeed more to it than mere coincidence.


If this is some kind of strange gift, I cannot control it, and use it for my benefit usually. It happens just as heart rhythm. It is as much a part of me as breathing and sleeping. I cannot deny the things I have witnessed and experienced. They have affected my life in ways I can't just ignore.


On the point of thinking I have a special gift, I do not believe I am the only one to have such experiences. I know, throughout history, countless people have claimed to have similar experiences. Some were proven to be false, while others remain mystery and have as much credit as my own accounts. Perhaps some of you have experienced things like this? I am interested to know.. Do you feel connected to the world around you like a radio transmitter?


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I have deja vu just about every other day from times up to a month ago. I must admit, however, that lifetime-dream experience is a pretty cool feature. I wouldn't call it a curse. My dreams only work as foretell and prophecy, at least you get the details, I had to decipher my own lifetime + death.

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Well I wouldn't call the lifetime dreams a curse either, though I have suffered from night terrors, sleep paralysis and recurring dreams with some really negative themes. That's where the curse aspect comes in, but I have had many uplifting ones as well.

As for the lifetime dreams, it is very difficult to wake up in the body of a young man when you just went to sleep for the last time in your dream as an 80 year old who's lived his life already.

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