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Thoughts That Cross Your Mind Immediatley After A Crash




Right after most folks get into a crash, the thoughts that go through their heads are

  1. Am I okay?
  2. I need some help!
  3. I need to stop the bleeding!
  4. My rates are gonna go up!

Thoughts going through my head after I crashed:

  1. The moped is not supposed to be on it's side.
  2. The moped is not supposed to be on top of me.
  3. Is my leg broken?
  4. I'm going to be late and I'm just outside the building.
  5. Why is the back mini-trunk open?
  6. I need to get the bike stood up.
  7. I need to go get all the papers that fell out.
  8. I need to put those and my helmet away
  9. How bad's the damage?
  10. I need to stop the bleeding
  11. Why is my right eye hazy and why do I feel sick?
  12. Try not to stumble
  13. Ow this hurts.
  14. Make it to the bathroom
  15. Try not to look awkward in front of the customers
  16. Wash the blood off.
  17. Looks worse than I thought
  18. Go to the service desk and ask for a first aid kit
  19. Yes that toddler is right. I do have an owwee.
  20. Politely wait for the lady and her toddlers to finish buying lotto tickets, before cutting in front of everyone else.
  21. That hole in my slacks where some of my patella skin was will make me look very unprofessional.
  22. Slacks cannot take crashes very well. Wish jeans were allowed in the dress code.
  23. Now my only clean pea soup green polo's got dirt and skid marks and maybe blood on it.
  24. I'm still gonna work aren't I?




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Surprisingly, your train of thought echoes mine in places. The mind does weird things when it's stressed.


You okay?

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I'm good, all things considering. Wish the waterproof bandaids would stay on. Gonna file a claim against my store for their lousy parking lot. 

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Not at the time. I had bigger priority. Btu yes, pictures were taken of the damage to the moped. Gonna talk to State Farm and ask the feasibility of it. Unless you meant of the big pothole I tried to avoid which caused me to go into a puddle and wipe out. Then no, not yet. 

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