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My list of future Wii U virtual console purchases

Mesme Rize


It's pointless. But i thought people might be interested, in the VC games i want to purchase the wednesday.


Mario Power Tennis for GBA
Bonks Adventures for TG16
Fire Emblem shadow Dragon for DS
Game and Watch Gallery Advance for GBA
Advance Wars for GBA
Castlevania Aria of Sorrow for GBA
Zelda Ocarina of Time for N64
Pokemon Snap for N64
Kirbys dream course for SNES
Super Punch Out for SNES
Castlevania Dracula X for SNES
Mega Man X for SNES
Super Dodge Ball for NES
Super C for NES
Double Dragon 2 for NES
and Kirbys adventure for NES

  • Brohoof 2


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