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Brief commentary on S06E16 - The Times They Are a Changeling



This episode reminded me again of how much of a metaphor the Changelings are. They are weaking a mask in order to receive love that they don't carry inside.
Everything is energy, so it was only a matter of time and interaction that among teh troubled Changeling culture there would be born one affected by the best of Equestrian magic that is flourishing. I can empathize with Thorax. Being born with that difference can make it difficult to sustain oneself in an environment of takers. It was a bold step by Thorax to leave that, but he had witnessed the better alternative, so that is a powerful driving force. He is very lucky.


Especailly the song lyrics raise awareness of the crucial difference between changing and adapting.


He shouldn't be too optimistic about winning over the rest of his race though. They have a queen who is pretty much supreme commander and in such a power structure the efforts of the queen to perpetuate her relevance would stand against such change. In that way the queen is leeching from her subjects as her subjects are leeching from other races.
It would need careful baby steps to break that up.


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