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Brief commentary on S06E18 - Buckball Season



Three little things caught my attention in the beginning:


First I was surprised that pony hooves can sense the coolness of spit evaporating on a hoof.


Second I was wondering how AJ could kick an apple so hard that it smashes through a wooden target without smashing the apple with her hoof.


Third I grieved over the missed very first latin lesson for young watchers when AJ used "pegasus" as a plural instead of "pegasi".


The general message of the episode I can relate to a lot. Like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, I don't thrive on pressure, but excellence comes out when enjoying something.
In our world that needs a lot of cultivation, because so often results are believed to come from pressure, force. It's no surprise considering what kind of people have great influence over society and the means for success. It seems easier to be troubled than to be healthy.


Snails gave a good contrast metaphor for how not overthinking stuff can remove obstacles. This was even hinted at with his floating-buckets meditation-like pose in one scene.

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nice glasses (;

about wooden target - true, i guess it was all about joke.. but it was a "breaking basic rules" joke.. so it seems more kinda like strange, then funny.

totally agree with everything. so deep. everypony is different in their heart, you can't push everyone in one line, some will break, others will stand. and it doesn't make you weak if you break under pressure, you just different that's all.

thanks. great observation.

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