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For The Transit Fans: Company Profile: Calgary Transit





Calgary Transit provides transportation services for the City of Calgary with over 100 million riders annually.






Calgary Transit New Flyer Xcelsior XDE60


Type: Public, Service owned and operated by the City of Calgary


Union Representation: Calgary Transit Bus and Light Rail Operators are represented by Amalgamated Transit Union Local 583


Fleet Size: 965 Low Floor Buses, 192 Light Rail Vehicles


Routes: 160


Manufacturer and Powerplant: Calgary Transit procures from New Flyer and NovaBus and most of its fleet is Diesel Powered with plans in the works to explore other sources of propulsion. A few dozen are fueled by Compressed Natural Gas. Light Rail Vehicles are procured from Siemens using 600v DC electric power.




Calgary Transit New Flyer D40


Fare Collection: The Contactless Card Payment System in Calgary was called Connect Card. Due to a long ongoing series of technical glitches with the Spanish contractor Telvent, Calgary Transit pulled all card readers and ceased issuing them. Calgary Transit decided to pursue Telvent in court for $5 Million, failing to meet deadlines and repairing the glitches properly




Calgary Transit Connect Card and Reader




Livery: Calgary Transit vehicles host a smart coat of red and gray paint covering the white backdrop. The Light Rail vehicles share the paint scheme with the bus network. Older liveries contained multicolored racing stripes on the white backdrop but were replaced with newer vehicles.




Calgary Transit New Flyer Xcelsior XDE60


Innovations: Calgary Transit was the second transit network in North America to build and operate a light rail system. Second only to the system in Edmonton, the system has been expanded several times over the years since its opening in 1981.




Calgary Transit Siemens S200 LRV on testing trials




Calgary Transit on the move



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