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A brony and his OC: back from work



After a long night and a reminder of not working another Friday night my plan was just to relax and sleep soon as I got home. Unlocking the door I turned the light on "ow ow ow!" I herd waking me up slightly as I came in.


Looking around I see my oc batpony Cresent rubbing his eyes, "gah a little heads up bro no?" the bat pony said tiredly. The 3 ft tall bat pony sprawled out in the living room floor had the 360 up playing on a familiar mission that was hard for me as well.


"sorry cres, long night" I said


"that's the thing with you humans too many of you arnt nocturnal" he wined again.


"look I know halo is good but you've been playing that sense last night think you should switch games?" I asked concerned for the pony


"a break is probably best" the bat pony said rubbing his eyes again then blinking.


Having your OC come to life was an odd way to have a roommate but not the worst roommate to have considering things.


I pull out a soda from the fridge and spot the pasta on the kitchen stove "its still good maybe need to heat it up. I tried an new recipe with the tomato's" the bat pony paused his game and trotted over to the kitchen then fluttered on the counter.


"so good work?" he asked


I gave him a look then realized he still didn't know much about this world or half the things humans eat or related to horse's and cows, and half the food at The Eats fast food chain is nothing but processed bits of farm animals cut this way and that to be eaten, a day I don't want to happen to this little guy.


"in a sense lots of money was made, just had to deal with stupid people all day, seriously who orders 15 small fri with no salt?" I ranted


"sompony who docent know what a diet is?" the bat pony asked innocently


"at 1150 at night?" I respond


Cresent opened his mouth...then closed it...then opened his mouth again..."I got nothing" he shrugged then blinked "fry's are those yellow sticks you all like to eat so much right?"


"yes, and if you get really specific its a potato"


"how in luna do you get that out of a potato?" asked the pony


"black magic"


"you humans don't have magic"


it was my turn to open and close my mouth a couple of times, "you discovered the internet didn't you?"


"maybe" he looked to the left innocently as I scooped up the pasta he made taking a few bites from it....which was really good.


I looked at the pasta wondering how a bat pony can stir all this together without....until I saw the sink.


"remind me to show you what a mixing spoon is, but good job on the pasta"


"i do know what its is!" he said sour like


I spotted a tomato covered short cutting board with everything but the handle covered in it. "had an argument with the tomato's then?"


Cresent looked at the cutting board then sighed,


"fine I couldn't find my blade so kinda....sorta...improvised?....." he said with a not quite shameful smile but still innocent enough to get a laugh out of me


"well it worked so don't kick yourself...just ask me next time and"


"but you were at work"


I paused...."ok ask cory next"


"he was asleep the entire time and samy is at some wedding or something"


I blinked "the tablet?" I asked


"ran out of batter and couldn't find the charger....." he looked down cast "sorry"


I laughed much to the confusion of the batpony looking up with a raised eyebrow "what's so funny?"


"honestly with how good this taste I wouldn't have thought of using a cutting board as a stirring spoon till now working" I said then gave him a hug


He seemed surprised by that "your...not mad?"


"good pasta after a long night at work? come on man I get cranky but not like a dick cranky" I said patting his back


I felt his arms tighter around me after that, poor guy still learning the world around him its easy to forget. "thanks cwhip"


"now then" I said putting him back down "about the ghost that keeps running you over" I said going to the living room, glad tonight ended on a good note after a chaotic day.

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