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Basic Game Mechanics

The Derpy Hooves


my latest game has been released link and i've made a small group with my friend where we're now working on a new project without a real title right now because we still have to work on the full story and stuff like that (we have a trail to go and we know what we're doing just we need to fix lots of things to adapt it)


we don't have a digital artist so all the sprites and tiles are just free to use tiles found on the internet, but we're not worrying too much on them for now


so we've been working for two days now, we reached our first goal of a basic map and a simple shooting mechanic with walking.


we also added some special effects like bullet trail, shoot smoke and when you hit something it makes a light effect thing.


Gif here


then we thought about something that some game deveoping teams forget


Gif here


the ability to pass under trees.


now we're gonna work on grenades, basic enemies and blood particles

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Oh, it's like Asteroid; simple but pretty neat.  Nice chiptune shreddage lol.  First time I played, I got stuck on wave four even after all targets were destroyed or meandered off-screen; second time, it was wave five.  I see you included a wave skip button to cope with that.

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i see you played my game!, great and i see u even found the only bug i'm still working on fixing :b but yeah you can use Y in case of that, just sorry if maybe it's a little uneasy but i'm working more on this new project, thanks for playing anyways!

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