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I Hated Legend Of Everfree (SPOILERS)



So, as a lot of you may know, Legend of Everfree was recently leaked online thanks to some lovely guy who recorded the English dub. I was excited. The previous film blew away my expectations and I expected to come away from Legend of Everfree satisfied. But no, as you can tell by the title, I wasn't. This is easily the worst thing to come out of the Equestria Girls brand so far for me. It's predictable and boring. With the other three films, they all had a reason to exist. The first one was an introduction, the second was the struggle of a reformed character who felt judged by those outside of her friendship group and had to prove herself by taking on the villains alone and helping her friends back on their feet at the end, and the third one, my favourite, was similair to the first film in several ways, which was noticeable, but it was done well and different enough and fully wrapped up the character arc of Sunset.


Legend of Everfree has no reason to exist. It takes forty minutes to establish something as basic as the antagonist (who isn't Chrysalis, which I initially expected). In the other films, we knew around 10 minutes in who the antagonist was. The Dazzlings were established in the first two minutes of the second film, Sunset was established seven minutes into the first film and Principal Cinch was established around the ten to fifteen minute mark in the third film. Gaia Everfree (who is nothing more than a monster for a story round the campfire dating back 250 years about the camp leaders' great grandparents but is believed to be responsible for the strange happenings around Camp Everfree) is established twenty minutes into the film, and those first twenty minutes only establish a couple of things. The place the characters are headed, which you probably knew going into this film anyway, the leaders of the camp, one of which has a crush on Twilight and the other turns out to be the antagonist, which I saw coming a mile off, and while we're here, why is Twilight put into unnatural and forced relationships in the Equestria Girls movies? Her relationship with Timber Spruce is unbelievably cringey to watch throughout the film. Sunset and Flash also have a few moments together, which never felt cringey and god awfully awkward, it felt like a normal, believable relationship was starting again, which I expect we'll see more of in the next film. The other characters are fine, there's not much to say about them to be honest. They don't get much development compared to Twilight, Timber, Gloriosa and Sunset.


Gloriosa is "Gaia Everfree" by the way. I put that in quotation marks because despite what Wikipedia says and calls her "Gaia Everfree" in the cast of the film, she looks nothing like her when she transforms and isn't linked to Gaia in any way and it would be impossible, as Gaia Everfree is in a story from about 250 years ago and Gloriosa stumbles into a cave with magic gems from Equestria around the time Canterlot High visit Camp Everfree. And to anyone who says her turning out to be the villain wasn't predictable, it was. Once you start watching films like Wreck It Ralph, Big Hero 6 and Zootropolis that have seemingly innocent characters who turn out to be villains, it becomes a fantastic trope. I tend to play games during kids films I haven't seen following those three films mentioned in which I attempt to guess which innocent character will turn out to be the villain. And I played that game here and got it around the twenty to thirty minute mark. They try to mislead you into thinking Timber's the villain, and although it's got a good dilemma for Sunset to try and tell Twilight her suspicions, but it boils down to either Gloriosa or Timber, and since they play up Timber as the bad guy, I guessed Gloriosa, and hey, I'm right. No shock there. And she transforms into another demon like Midnight Sparkle and Demon Sunset, at which point, yep, been there, done that, Twilight is convinced she's not Midnight Sparkle anymore like Sunset was in Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games, and then everything goes back to normal, film ends, and I'm facepalming. Not only is it unfunny, cringey, dull and predictable, but it's the same we've seen before twice already, and it really doesn't make any difference other than it's a different character as a demon thingy. I really hate this film, and I don't want to go on any longer. So long folks, and take care.


Also, why are the human Main 7 given superpowers now? It's a stupid idea, and I want Equestria Girls to be different from the show. Now the characters can talk to animals, run super fast, have super strength, can make shields, have exploding balloons and read people's minds. Why is it making the characters more like the show counterparts with this change, and why was it done in the first place? Urgh.

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