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Batman - Spectrum Review

Reason for Cancellation




I have to admit, i didnt beat the Game because it really was difficult and depressing for me and also my downloaded Rom crashed when i was trying to enter a certain Room, so...im not even able to beat the Game, unless i download a different Version, but since this is not my Computer, i really dont want to risk anything.


Okay, but really, even if it had worked, i would have probably stopped. Its to difficult for me. :sunny:


The Game is a kinda 3D Adventure Game, but it has this weird perspective, that sometimes doesnt let you see that well, if you are gonna hit something.


Also some of the Jumps, have to be perfect and you really have to step on the very edge of your Plattform or else you are not going to make it.


That and the difficult Puzzles and not being able to defend yourself against Enemys, makes the game really hard.
The Story is simple, Robin got captured by the Joker with help of the Riddler, even though none of them appear in the Game.
In fact, all of the Enemys are just random things that arent even from the Batman Comics, im pretty sure.
Also this Game is apparently based on the 60 Television Show, since it has the same Theme and Batman has a similar Costume, even though the rest of the Game has nothing to do with it.
Enemys include Dogs, Heads with an S on the back, Plattforms that kan kill you, smoke that can kill you, a Pirat Head, a Yeti ( or something ) and some Dude, could be the Joker...maybe.


You have to find 7 Parts of the Batcraft to win the Game.
Well...you have to find 7 Parts of the Batcraft, than walk to a few Rooms again, that you have already been, so backtracking and then actually find the Room in which the than completed Batcraft is.


How are you supposed to find that out? :baconmane:
And what does the Save Function bring me, if everytime i load, some of the Super Powers are missing which makes going to certain Rooms impossible?
So you have to restart the Game anyway.
And why do you sometimes get an extra Life called " Dog Life " ?
And what has this to do with Batman?




Anyway...and now Spoiler Alert, if you manage to assemble the Batcraft and jump into it, you simply get a Screen that says : Batcraft completed. Or something like that.
Than it just jumps to the Game Over Screen.
The same Screen that you get, when you die.


What about rescuing Robin and defeating Joker and the Riddler?
Well, nothing. Nothing else happends.
You assemble the Batcraft and then Batman saves Robin by himself...i guess, because you dont get to see it.


.....okay? :huh:
Can i not get an Winning Screen, in which Robin is with me, so that i know that i have saved him?


Well all in all, the Game is not bad, it looks good for the time and goes on for much longer than the first 2 Superman Games, but you move sooo slow and you have to jump picture perfect or you die, that combined with backtracking, losing your Super Powers when you load a save, which makes saving pointless and the sometimes confusing perspective of the Game makes it hard to aim for Jumps or even see where Objects go.
Even Enemys can hide behind Walls and then kill you with a surprise.


I would give this Game a...5/10.
5 Points for being a good Game, but it gets no Fun Points.
That doesnt mean that the game is bad, because its really not, but i dislike it.
Its not my Type of Game, its frustrating, difficult, slow and sometimes unfair. :(


And i really dont have the Motivation to play this game for half an Hour, just to get a Game Over Screen anyway.
Its a good Game, but its not my Game.



Recommended Comments

Since nobody cares, i also watched a Lets Play of Batman - The Caped Crusader, which is also based on the 60 Television Show.


This time it is a side scroller, which is better for the controls but the game is still a little confusing.

Everytime you enter a new Room, a second screen appears above the older ones, to let the game look like a Comic Book Strip.

Cool Idea but it looks a little confusing.


Also the Game is a little Cryptic.


But what do i now, i didnt played it. But i watched it completely at least, seems like an improvememt.

I would give that one a 7/10.



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Sounds like it has 'artificial difficulty' if the camera and such are bad. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FakeDifficulty

I would try games where the game looks good for what you value in a game, not just because oh hey batman! Try and find classics maybe then play them on emulation. I know a site without too much popups that doesn't have viruses the whole time I've used it. http://www.emuparadise.me/Its only legal because copyrights not being renewed, and so people can have back-up copies of their games which is legally allowed. Granted it ends up probably that most end up using it illegally, granted we could always say we owned the game before and lost it and are using it as a back-up. Besides I would consider it borrowing from a community gaming library, its only illegal to distribute really if I recall but eh. I've played plenty without problem. 


And best part is its direct downloads don't need to deal with torrents.


Can't beat battletoads level 11 on PC though even with savestates to cheat lol. Which is another benefit if a game is too hard, you can run a game slower, and/or instantly save and load repeatedly. If its an rpg though doing thus may cause you to be stuck at a boss fight under leveled so consider making regular saves as well or safety back-up savestate slots. Also keep in mind savestates can fail sometimes or games may run sub-optimal compared to the proper system use. Like Legend of Legaia all random battles don't open how they did visually from the psone. With the more complex emulators they can be harder to set up, you may need specific unpacking file software, and you can change their game speed to slow down or speed up based on quality you set the emulator to.


You can bring smash brothers on a flash drive though to school and stuff like that, pretty fun.

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Thanks for the hint, but i already use Emu Paradise. Well at least for the Games, released only on Home Computers.


For the Console Games, i would just buy a Console, because they are cheaper and you dont need an extra Tape Loader and Stuff.


And i actually have the first 2 Batman Games as Tapes. I only use Emulators for Games, i already have and cant play at Home, because of Money or just not working correctly.


I also tried the Save Function, but the Emulator i used said, it would be only able to save the Image but not the progress or something similar to that.


Also, yeah i know, i should probably look for games i like, but i didnt know how the Game would be.

Also im interested in seeing the first Dc Comics Video Games, since im a Collector.

And i stopped playing anyway, after i realized that its just not my Type of Game.

I simply watched a complete Lets Play and now i know everything i would have known, if i would have beat it.

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