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Exclusive Blog Annoucement! VAs for Chat Scene (MLP IRL)

Jonny Music


As of today, I can confirm the voice artists for the sequel to Chase Scene (MLP IRL), known as Chat Scene (MLP IRL).


Here is the cast as follows:


Princess Twilight Sparkle - itsannachloem


Rarity - itsannachloem


Pinkie Pie - MBTeddyGram


I hope to complete this short film sequel soon. As to how soon? I'm not too sure, so I cannot guarantee its release window for the time being.


I hope you will enjoy the final cut whenever I release it on YouTube and Vimeo.


Thank you for your attention,


Jonny Music


Jonathan "Jonny" Selimovic
JonnySel Productions
Owner/Operator/Media Producer

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