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Questioning the fandom after what happened.




My first blog on these forums.


*Note: I posted this on my FimFiction account as well.


After what happened in the U.S. this past Tuesday, I've been seeing some ugly truths regarding this fandom coming out from the shadows on several sites including this one. I've been a brony for just over three years now and I believed the fandom was one where everyone no matter their gender, race, political view, sexual orientation, etc. could co-exist together.


I see now that that fact might have been a bit presumptuous on my part. I've no intention of leaving this fandom but I can no longer view it with the eyes of ignorance. I am so hoping that bronies don't tear each other apart over what happened because of certain differences, and while some might think I'm overthinking things, my heart knows that I'm right. I'm willing to be tolerant but there is only so much that I can take before it's too much.


Do I care about who voted for who? No. Do I care about their reasoning behind their choice? Yes. Am I being soft-spoken about all of this? Probably and I might be condemned for it, but I'll let the pieces fall where they may. I just wanted to state my thoughts on the fandom and how I'm questioning some things based on what happened. You needn't take my opinion seriously if you don't want to.

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I've interacted with the fandom for more than two years, and I've questioned the ability of fans to get along and accept one another from fairly early on.  But then, I fall into a category or two that sometimes brings out the disapproval of other fans.

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This is perhaps the most tolerate and open-minded fandom I've ever encountered but that doesn't mean that we're not invulnerable to differences or changes to what's happening outside the fandom. I didn't expressed my view on the election here because it's Ponies to whom I feel passionately about and we shouldn't tear our love for MLP for over politics.

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I don't really feel qualified to weigh in on this discussion but all I want to say is that the reputation of this fandom precedes you and you should all feel proud. It's disappointing when a fandom implodes, especially when it's so opposed to the values of the show (case in point: Steven Universe). So good luck everyone, I hope you all tolerate the sh1t out of each other! :)

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