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From: Life was just an accident?: Mythology anthropology theology geography


The questions of existence and purpose seem a lot more persistent than simple environmental factors.

If that were even remotely true we would nee to psychoanalyze everything in the environment for what symbolic purposes they were made and for our interactions with them.
Which makes it environmental anyways. I dare you to find a cause in behavior thats not environmental. Look up baby psychology.


Existence though is fascinating, as is consciousness, but to presume without evidence is certainly fallacy.



Both those who achieve great practical success in career or achievement, and those who live fulfilling social lives and families still have moments where they sit down and think "what is it all for". It seems to be a question driving people both to great depths and suicide regardless of their environment. I'm not arguing that environment has nothing to do with it, but I have yet to see it demonstrated that there is a remarkable kind of person out there who never wonders such things.


The closest thing would be people who have sought and seem to have found an answer. But definitely not for people who argue that there is no question to begin with.




If there seems to be a desire within ourselves that nothing in the world can satisfy, perhaps it's possible that said desire was meant to be fulfilled by something beyond the world?

People who ponder such things have the TIME to ponder such things. This implies its environmental. Also depression increases with boredom, which proves its psychological. Regardless of environment? Please do as much research as I have into the causes of depression before you conclude IT MUST BE THE HEAVENLY FATHER! Your heavenly father drives people to suicide who don't know about him? How omnibenevolent of him.


Nomads wondered less because they were more busy, its evidenced by the differences in their tall tales and myths, compared to sedentary society's. The difference being no dogma, its about understanding and learning their environment, it was made to be confusing to be easily remembered and pondered about in relation to tasks they needed to develop, thus it was beneficial to their survival. Just like its beneficial to be part of a community, even if they are wrong, it means more help regardless and who can compete against numbers of people all by their lonesome?


Did nomads need purpose? Life simply was. Temples were not built til sedentary lifestyles emerged. And their stories and myths were to cause a deeper understanding. Its like combining confusion curiosity planning and possibility. And psychology dictates those feeling confusion hear contradictory facts. But it makes things more interesting if people only subconsciously recognize it as inaccurate, perhaps. Giant wolves and beavers fighting which formed the Mississippi and its basin? A story involving such forces them to imagine it, then when they see how massive the region is, it feeds into the idea of how great and massive they must have been. Its like stretching the imagination for better structure on working around those animals (both have to do with rivers, without wolves rivers change its been factually proven, and of course beavers make sense too, and a lot of natives loved wolves.) Originally the fact would be there perhaps, someone might have known it, then shared it. But remembering a fact is climactic. A story that seems impossible is not climactic, it continues to be shaped, and thus had social benefits to develop it over time, and to remember the more imaginative ones. Ones which could help the generations better.


With the advent of religion that changed to dogma. Behavior is what determines the course of the village or town. Thus they tried regulating it severely. Even innate curiosities had to be stifled with threats to avoid danger against bandits and neighboring villages. They took up sheep, and their doctrine as early as genesis says the land is human property given to them by god to exploit. This justifies hunting off wolves, and raising sheep, despite it promoting dry-lands. Now look at the middle-east, does it look fertile to you? Thats the result of your 'purpose', to procreate, dominate, and consume regardless for the consequences.




Just for one example that I am not pulling it out of my ass.


Source: Life was just an accident?


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* And by protection from villages, because getting differing views in a village causes internal conflict and division and potentially groups splitting apart etc, not just what other villages may decide to do to yours.

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*Also when I use the word confusing I don't mean exactly the word confusing. I mean, it doesn't add up based on previous experiences, not thats its entirely a confusing thing. And in regards to the stifled curiosity bit, its more like filtered curiosity, same idea very much applies. Thats sorta what nomadic myths have in common as well to modern religions, is the far-fetchedness.


But those ancient texts were made with different end results in mind that do not match up with today, and because it was dogma its not healthy, and because its excessively detached from reality people are not even promoted to think intelligently about the context outside of the simple end results they want, which were aligned with values from thousands of years ago. People who thought slavery and sexism and stoning people who work on the weekend. It was to promote solidarity through a lack of diversity, and to let people know the rules are serious and to reinforce that idea consistently in day to day life, because modern behavior didn't work back then and they didn't have the means to do so. But life has changed alot since then. Trying to fit that into modern society is like trying to promote fitting cave paintings into modern art as common-place. Fiction is superior to modern religion. The fact this is an mlp forum and not some theology story forum proves it. And religion is threatened by fiction, why else would they do things like burn Harry Potter books? They are trying to form a monopoly inherently, on science, media, fiction, music, etc. Other countries do it like some muslim ones. At least its being toned down, and christians had the age of enlightenment. And at least quality of life is on the rise, superstitious thinking on the decline. But thats like saying oh at least religion is only causing 3 stabs a month in this modern country, down from 5 stabs a month a decade ago, therefore religion is good! If it were good first off, religion wouldn't be associated with poverty, crime, low education, and low quality of life in the first place. Granted its a coping mechanism, its at an expense, and I am not quite sure what it offers. Either way fiction factually offers more, fiction helps reform inmates and improve their hiring rates, which decreases crime and decreases boredom which further decreases drug use and subsequent crime. Fiction is superior, out with the old, in with the new. Traditions are only good because people are slow learners and favor their operant conditioning from when they were young because its how they were raised to do things. Then people wield that scope around and try and fit everything into it's precisely shaped box instead of just getting more boxes, or engineering  abetter box, they push science in, religion falls out, they have to choose between one or the other, they choose religion because they don't know what good science will do. Its the same fallacy in videogaming where you don't buy better equipment, or organize better techniques because it takes too long to adjust to eh update to see if its worth while. Instead they just stick with whatever it was they were doing, which can work, until the time to update/adjust is too quick to not do so. In which case they end up jumping onto it anyways. Next thing you know your religion is historically different in practice every century, and they all insist its the same level of proper worship. Or that oh better yet god is above reality ergo religion doesn't have to make sense and we can distance it from ourselves, but oh we are still christian. Like how they disown the old testament because it contradicts their version of christianity. Its a psychological defense mechanism to distance yourself from it, because it'd cause cognitive dissonance if it were true. And everything points to the religious despising cognitive dissonance more readily and not taking the time to analyze stuff. Which is why the overworked are more likely to be religious, because America is overworked, AND they have higher religiosity. Overworked means dissonance causes stress more which causes brain damage more, and poverty areas have more crime which also means more stress etc etc etc. I can go on for days about this. I have gone on for days about this. I should stop for my sake lol. Theres a reason why they avoid dissonance, its unhealthy. But also maybe the more educated have more options for dealing with dissonance. Sorry for the rant.

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