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Entry #29 My first pony hypnosis experience!

Captain Whirlwind


the following texts are my experience of my pony hypnosis
I chose to do a visit to Equestria.


During the relaxation and deep trance stages I was told with audio files that I was on the Equestria train and that as I'm relaxing, I can see all the places I see. I passed through dodge junction, Appleoosa, and the Everfree forest. When the train was stopping at the station to my destination, I began to take the steps out into my journey to Equestria. As I get off the train and exit the station i feel a nice cool breeze in my mane and look out in front of me. I was in ponyville! I started trotting into the streets and seeing every building in ponyville you can imagine. However the weird thing about this was that there was no pony in sight! Yeah. It was all quiet and calm. I could hear the birds chirping around me and some squirrels running across the streets. As I continue trotting I see sugarcube corner. My smile widened and I slowly trott into sugarcube corner. I look around and everything was just like you see in the show. Cakes! Cupcakes! Carrot cakes! And of course muffins!!! Still no pony but me was around but I walked up and down sugarcube corner and when I was done. I left the building.
(End of part 1)


(Part 2)
....As I left sugarcube corner I started trotting to the other side of ponyville. I see just about everything you see in the show like the pony statue. Town hall and and Granny Smith's apple cart. As I wander to the other side of Ponyville I see Twilight's castle in front of my eyes. I immediately started galloping to the front doors feeling the wind stream through my mane and tail. As I come up to the door I slowly pushed it open and I see the beautiful and huge hallways that lead to the cutie map I started walking with my jaw dropped in awww as I eventually make it to the cutie map. The cutie map was glowing in my face. I look around and I see the 6 thrones of Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity all empty with no pony in the castle. As I started to leave the castle I started jumping up and down just to "test" to see how much I can control my mind in my deep trance. I trotted out the building and make it to my next destination.
(End of part 2)


(Part 3)
As I trott through the rest of ponyville I eventually arrive to my next destination which was right across the river. Rarity's boutique was in my eyes. As i trott over the bridge I look over the water and I see my pony face. It was the face of my OC/Ponysona, Whirlwind. I start slowly smiling and then I continue walking across the bridge to Carousel Boutique.
I walk up to the door and slowly lushed it with my hoof and hear the little door bell chime as I walk in. Everything was "fabulous" :D
I look around the boutique and notice the pony mannequins with dresses on them. One of them had a very cool grey tuxedo. I also look into the corner and Notice Opalescence sleeping in her bed. I silently mumbled "awwww" and attempted to pet her and she immediately was startled when I put my hoof on her back. I jumped back and look up at the stair well. And slowly walk up it.
As I make my way to the top I see the upper room and notice Rarity's huge bed and more mannequins. But THEN. I slowly look at the desk and see a working sewing machine and Rarity making dresses.
I gradually walk up to her and say, "hello Rarity". Rarity startles "OH HEAVENS!....." I reply, "oh....hehe I didn't mean to scare you"
"I'm glad to see somepony walk into my boutique. So mr......" Rarity stated,
"Oh, I'm Whirlwind". I said.
"Well Whirlwind. Are you into any of my products or clothing today"? Rarity asked.
"Um.....Well would you look at the time, I need to get to get going". I said as I trott down the stairway back to the front door. As soon I I get out of the store and cross back over to the bridge I started yelling in excitement, "OMG! OMG!!! HOLY FREAKING CRAP! THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Oh my LORD". I then started galloping through ponyville with excitement and I somehow run into the ponyville schoolhouse.
Then I start to regain more of my body's control and I wake up out of my hypnosis.


The end

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