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Tribute to the Overlord - The Card Game I'm Developing - Alpha Testers Needed



Hi, some of you might know me, most of you don't. I'm a university student of Illustration and Visual Communication. I love all kinds of games and have a wide interest of little skills I like to pick up and try and use. I've really enjoyed my production classes and it's encouraged me to realistically attempt a long term goal of mine, develop a card game. Before I go on to giving details about the game and tell you how to get a free test copy sent to you I'll give you a little fun fact about this game. The main character design, The Overlord, was based on a plastic fork. I had a broken plastic fork on my table and thought it looked like a funny tall eared cat-thing so I drew it out and the card game followed. I still have that fork and use it as inspiration to finish this project.


:P Weird, right?




A Brief Game Description:


"You and your demonic friends must appease your Overlord by offering tribute every day. You’re all sick of being on the bottom and agree to start collecting loot so that you can takeover the Overlord's position. Unfortunately, none of you can agree on who the next Overlord should be. Amass more loot then everyone else in order to overthrow the Overlord and take your rightful place on top. But getting greedy risks the rage of the current Overlord, who won’t go easy on any of you. So build your stash in secret, back-stab your friends and give as little as you can manage to the Overlord to stay out of trouble."


Tribute to the Overlord is a bit of a deck building card game that pits players against each other and a common board enemy. There are 5 rounds; the situation and cards to deal with it change every turn. There are various strategies implemented to combat total RNG but the game should be able to be picked up and learned in half an hour or less. The game is targeted at player groups of about 4 or 5 but can physically be played with groups ranging from 2-6. Target age group is early 20's to early 30's but could be played comfortably ages 12+.


I've been developing this table-top card game for awhile now and am nearly at a point in which I can test the game with outside peoples. This project has a few goals: To be a refined piece for my personal portfolio, Test myself in finishing such a comprehensive project, and get a tiny foothold in tabletop game development (I have other ideas I'd like to develop one day).


The past few months I have been working on this on and off in between personal projects and working side jobs, school stuff and the occasional Poniverse thing. Most of the focus has been on the rules and gameplay up to this point. Now I'm dividing my time between game balancing and art.


Now I'm looking for candidates to play-test this game and give feedback, help balance and find game loop-holes I may have missed. I'll be shipping out around 10 prototype copies of this game sometime in February (or thereabouts depending on how the next school semester fairs for me). These copies will be shipped out free to those living in the US. I currently will not be shipping elsewhere; but if you fill out the provided form you'll be sent updates on the game and be notified if I get an international thing going. I'm shipping these out for free in return for feedback, if you can't or don't plan on proving feedback or testing it for problems, don't bother signing up.


If your interested in signing up to get a free alpha copy and helping this game become complete in it's design; please fill out this form here. Please note that this is NOT first come first serve, I'll be semi-selectively choosing candidates to test various bits. Also, as stated this is an ALPHA where the focus so far has been primarily on gameplay and functionality, the art is mostly wip or in a placeholder state right now. It is quite likely that it will be in a similar state when these copies are shipped as well. Meaning it may not be a pretty game, but it'll work.


The Beta phase of the game is a ways off, but will have nearly completed art and enforce the necessary updates found in the alpha. If you agree to get updates on the form above then you may get sent a Beta copy. So don't worry if you arn't offered an Alpha.


The ALPHA deck will be printed on heavy weight paper and laminated so they feel pretty high quality for prototypes.
Alpha decks will most likely be in black and white because the focus is on game mechanics and balancing rules and cards.




If your interested in this project or have questions feel free to talk to me about it. And again, if your interested in getting your hooves on an Alpha copy to test, fill out this form asap.


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