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I figured we might take a break from waiting a month for a dead meme to pop up, and instead talk about something that has been seriously bugging me as a "brony", not specifically about these forums but a large quantity


I'm going to be honest, although I love the general community of this fandom, such as Mike and WoodenToaster, I often feel as if, as time has gone on, respect and general acceptance among people here is based on an elitist criteria, specifically with the arts. Dumbed down, what I'm trying to say is that I see very few people being praised or noticed for work other than visual fanart or music (although music is certainly put off a bit), and I seem to be noticing a small amount of favoritism with involvement amongst the community, based on one's skill in these fields. Granted though, these are just my personal opinions, and could just be the delusions of an outcast.


Alongside this, I am constantly bothered with the PC culture amongst the fandom in general (alot of it's here, but...let's not blame anyone inparticular). Everyone is either too child-like and unwilling to speak in a slightly mature basis, stubbornly following self-set guidelines (To be honest, there are actually admins here that do this) , before you get your keyboards crusty though, let me explain what I mean by this. I am not referring to banning someone for inappropriate behaviour, I respect that there is a certain level that things need to be at, but the actual definition of what is acceptable and where is often vague, and in some cases, in threads that are completely fine with an arrangement, admins will swoop in and remove those people's post, not just one, all of them within that thread. It seems odd to me that this would be done, instead of say, just putting a certain rating on something in order to avoid certain people seeing certain things. Then again, this server belongs to you blokes, and if I want a "perfect" forum, I should probably just go and run one myself, because we all know how easy it is to run a forum.


Regardless, to break the mood, have a picture of a hot Australian bloke at the beach.

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hmm well, I can see this. I had a fight with the admins because of this very reason when I first came to this forum. I was arguing with someone and they reported all my posts, and I was just shocked. But I have to say, I don't think there is TOO much PC here. Some people are very antitrump I guess, but not everyone. If you want a more relaxed setting go to the chat at RLPV. after chatting there I can kind of see it as a bit stifled here, but I still like this place 

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I concur with the whole "PC culture" around here. A few times on this forum board have I been slapped on the wrist by staff for simply being sarcastic. Even once when I typed out a lengthy, time-consuming debate in the Debate Pit, my post was taken down because I made two or three sarcastic jabs and said "fuck" more than once. The OP even refused to read my post even though I was responding to his request for me to refute all of his arguments. Why? Because I wasn't "nice" enough for him. I barely bother with the forum board anymore because of this. I instead recluse to the blogs, and write out my completely anti-PC, anti-SJW comedy reviews of the series.


Fuck feelings. People need to get the fuck over their egos and learn to survive in the world.

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