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Its not a surprise that I'm addicted to music.




Music is like a drug, I am addicted to it badly. I have records with music, cassettes, CD's, an mp3 player with music, All of my computers have music on them and I have at least 15 GB of music.


Remember fillies and colts, don't do drugs. Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are my dealers, and I take in 2 albums worth of Bastille and Boney M. (and more) a day. Sometimes just single songs and I get addicted.


*Whispers* Hey any good songs for me to listen to? I have one for you:

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Oh, I'm not the only one who has thought of music as a healthy kind of drug before?


Nope! You're not the only one, music is my drug. And guess what? I'm listening to music.


But hey, you wanna know how you mess with people? Say this: I'm sorry I have a confession.

Other person: To what?

You: Drugs

Other Person: ?

You: *fake sobs* I'm addicted to music. I'm sorry it just had to some out, its a horrible addiction I can't stop picking up my styx everyday.

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