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Entry #33 All hope is Gone?

Captain Whirlwind


Yesterday I started school again. I'm looking forward in English and Photography.......But not Math :( :(
I've had a lifelong battle with math in general. I was never good with it to begin with with.
I could get all the help I can whether it's tutors, extra class hours, note takers, and I still would fail the class.
I experienced this back in High school when I took geometry. I tried my absolute hardest and I got a D in the class
both semesters :(


I'm completely saddened by why I'm in such a bad position. It's also getting very difficult to find guidance and accept what God is putting me though. I can hardly find any hope.
It's all ending and my parents are gonna be fucking loudmouths saying how bad I did in school.
I'm lost for what to do next. I need help

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Ask your professor for more help. Seriously. Something, some kind of different way to study and practice has got to work. Something that plays to your strengths.


Look at RD in Testing, Testing 123.Someone is bound to find the right learning modality that will work for you.

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Is there like a math center you could go to? That might help. I also agree with asking your professor for help and letting him or her know your situation. If the professor cares at all for his or her students, they should be willing to help you. 

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Okay, I understand your position, trust me, I was a predicted D for Maths (and Economics). My only advice is to do a crap ton of past year papers, don't skip variants. Start by simply trying to finish them correctly, work on your accuracy, then when you've got that down, work on your speed, try to finish a paper within the allotted time. Lastly would be neatness, it is important that whoever marks your paper can understand it. I got a C in the end, not exactly stellar but I promise you, hard work does show in your results. In my opinion, work hard on perfecting the component you're best at, it really helps pull up your weaker one, just my opinion though.


Try studying with friends or classmates, the peer pressure helps keep you on track but at the same time there's someone there for you 

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Geometry was like the easiest for me. Years back in high school I tried a geometry program and zoomed through it because in elementary school to avoid sharpening my pencil I tried doing the math in my head instead, so it helped speed the process up a bit for me, and I was ahead of the whole class (I took the easier class tho because I was lazy) and the computer program wanted me to start trigonometry like 2 weeks in so the teacher skipped that section lol, to get back to more geometry.


Also it helped cuz in 3rd grade we listened to this record going through all the times tables, the teacher had us speak the answer in unison to the track.


Went from 1x1 = 1 all the way to 9x9 = 81


If you need to visualize it its like, nine people each have nine M&Ms. Nines were easy because both digits always add up to 9 so you know if you did it right or not, from 1 through 9 times 9. 81, 8+1=9 so you did it right. The other easiest was 5s. 


Then the hardest was like 6x7. But its actually 2x3x7 which is easy also right. If you simplify it like that it becomes alot easier.


I couldn't keep it up in trigonometry though and calculus because calculus has functions I can't begin to fathom doing in my head. Its like putting the m&ms in a factory and out comes a chocolate spoon or something, idk what to think of it. And trigonometry I kept forgetting parts of the equations when I did it in my head (working memory limit I guess) so I kept forgetting to multiply it by pie or 2 or something and get the problems wrong, then I had to start showing all of my work.


I haven't done math in a while tho so can't help with anything beyond algebra or half of geometry without a reference or two. They never expected me to memorize units or formulas for volume or anything, we had those in front of us. They just expected me to compute it right with a calculator, which was easy enough. 


In college I took a physics class and awed half of the people with how I could do math in my head. Haven't use that ability for years tho. Didn't finish college cuz reasons. I couldn't stand english lol (prolly cuz of pencil negative reinforcement and pen smudges). Only thing you really need to remember is the order of operations, and whatever process they give you for solving mystery equations like 2x^2 plus x plus 4= y or something. Like they say that (x+2)(x+3)= whatever, I forget exactly how it went. Just know how to do that forwards and backwards and the order of operations, and make sure you don't mis-transform equations. Like you do the same to both sides of the equation to equal it out to help simplify the equation, like 8x=16 you divide both sides by 8 x=2 simple enough.


Ask me anything you think I can answer xD gonna go to the gym tho right now, can answer in a couple of hours. I have alot of spare time.

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Also don't try hard, try smart. I was told that by my elementary school math teacher.

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Maybe if you would hit the books for one. You will be able to make it through math. After study take notes and you are doing this to yourself. If you don't help yourself, no one else can. The world is a cold and lonely place out there. Which is the outskirts and that is my land by the way. Just like Lil Pip said, try hard. Then you will make it through. 

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