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No one wants to see you leave. You're one of my friends on this website. You won't leave your friends won't you?

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(Bells tolls once) Oh I hear a cry of regret. Ah, a young one. Moonstone Thunder quite a name for a pony. That word though "Friends." I hear it a lot and it is a optional thing in life. Look at me though. A mid aged pony that people of Equestria gets scared of for no reason. Then I am by myself for the most part. You should be grateful though you have someone to communicate with. If you keep going down that path Thunder. You will no one left, but yourself and you know what that brings. Certain negative emotions that will cause you to do bad things to yourself. Then eventually will wonder around my land though. Believe me, this is the last place you want to come to is  Deadly Land which is the outskirts of Equestria. Thats even my territory and rightfully so. Well you try to make the right decision and those friends may do the same. (Bells tolls once) 

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