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~Positive Stuff I've Seen #1~



Been thinking about making something like this for a while now, so I guess I'll give it a shot~


Pretty much, I'll be hoping to update this blog weekly with good news and lovely moments and so on that I've heard about lately, since I feel the world can tend to overlook the bright side of life from time to time. Obviously, this isn't to say that the world is perfect or that anything bad happening should just be casually dismissed, but these bad happenings already get plenty of attention and responses elsewhere, so I'd like this blog to be free of that as much as possible and instead focus on people and moments that aren't so talked about :)


~Good Happenings~

  • A 75-year-old widower made a request online for a fishing mate, and hundreds offered their company to him! Apparently he's already taking someone up on their offer, and the two are even organizing for a second outing
  • A homeless man in England got reunited with his family (they'd moved away and he wasn't sure where), all thanks to a stranger who gave him the time of day and realized she knew his brother as a former work colleague
  • Crime rates are so low in the Netherlands, empty prisons are now serving as space to house refugees
  • 'Back On My Feet' has helped 1200 homeless people find housing, and 2300 find jobs, through jogging and community engagement
  • Saudi Arabia held their first ever Woman's Day event, which supposedly was met with little to no resistance
  • A flight attendant saved a teen from human trafficking, and seeing as the founder of that airline wants to incorporate that attendant's instincts into the rest of their staff, perhaps there'll be more averted incidents like this to come
  • The Shaolin Wushu club of Kabul is teaching Afghan girls martial arts and helping them fight prejudice
  • 30 couples got married in Syria, in its first mass wedding since the ceasefire
  • Californian police managed to arrest 474 people suspected to be involved in human trafficking, and saved 28 children at the same time
  • San Francisco will be making city college free, irrespective of one's income
  • Six formerly homeless men took to the catwalk to raise money for the shelter that helped them out at rough points in their lives
  • UK commuters on the subway are tackling loneliness by handing out free buttons that read "Happy To Chat"
  • New Yorkers came together to clear Nazi graffiti from a subway
  • Kinda minor but, a New Zealand man paid for an elderly woman's entire shopping when she was having troubles with her bank card... on a tangent, I wonder how many people were inspired to be that charitable from hearing about this on the internet? With how many people can see stories like this, it has to impact on someone along the line :)
  • A surgeon in Mexico with scarce access to drugs, is helping patients keep their minds off surgeries being performed through giving them a virtual reality headset to distract them throughout the operation
  • After a charitable restauranteur's restaurant burnt down, his community offered him kitchens so he could continue to feed needy children (and apparently he's served over a million, so that's a pretty big deal ^_^)
  • Qmarkets and a UK-based charity called Renewable World are working together to provide renewable energy to those on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya
  • A simple intervention providing soldiers with steps to follow during an emotional crisis has been found to lead to a 75% reduction in suicide attempts for up to 6 months



Or in case you're not one for reading, here's some nice pics/gifs/vids I've seen very lately :3

~Lovely sights~



(Can you guys see all these btw? For some reason, a few of them occasionally turn into links when I preview this entry o.o)



And that's about all I can think of for now ^_^ Depending on how this goes and my motivation for it, I might do another entry like this next week too. For now, you're welcome to comment any news/images/events etc. you know that brightened your mood, I'm trying to be sorta thorough but I'm sure there's a ton that I'm unaware of! C'ya next week, perhaps~

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This was sweet and heartwarming to read, love the pics of the cute animals and the beautiful scenery as well. Thanks for sharing! <3

You're very welcome, I'm glad this could make someone happy! ^-^

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