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The 5 most WTF videos i ever watched



What's up Pony fans! it's been a while since i did a new video and the reason is because writting blogs is not really my stuff.. really i been watching videos, and sink in the bottomless pit called internet. And yeah i spend a lot of time on the internet because i haven't seen anything interesting in real life. But anyways as i said i been a long long long long time on internet and Youtube has been helpful to watch anything the world has to offer, and like all fandom and groups, if you are stick with something is inevitable you will find the darkest side of it


So i present 5 of the most wtf videos i seen so far, some of them you may already watched if not, allow me to corrupt your minds for a bit.









In this video we see a guy trying to get a gf.. in his.. own way.. ahm.... watch it?



This is a creepy video full of special effects and sounds, is kinda disturbing but it has certain artistic aspect in my opinion



Ahhh.. our good old friend Cyriak.. probably watched by most users here but here's a little remainder of a awesome genius of animation



Freax,,, i don't know if this has to be considered music... i don't reccomend hear it with hearphones for the sake of your pony ears, it doesn't have a screamer but the sounds of this video are more than enough to turn it off


Ads are good to offer products and it seems that Japan has the weirdest ads, Who knows how successful they are?


anyways, is too much fuel for your eyes in the weirdest side of youtube, if you liked this blog please let me know, if you want me to continue sharing wtf videos let me know in the comments. Peace

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To be fair, most commercial seems strange when you don't know the language. I'm sure it'd make a little more sense if you can speak japanese.  

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