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The 5 most WTF videos i ever watched #2 +links



Hello Bronies! once again, here i am showing some of the dark parts going in Youtube, some of the videos i'll share are creepy, others strange, i suggest discretion




mommi aabit was a Finland TV show for kids notice the faces of the characters, they are absolute horryfing indeed..



Kraina Grzybow, one of the most disturbing TV show ever made. From Poland it seems that this show is particulary creepy because it doesn't have any clear purpose and nobody knows who did the show, if it was any.


At this times who doesn't know The Simpsons? one of the things i like the most of the show are it's openings but this time i show you one of the most WTF entrances ever



What's better than ballons and a nice suit? well.... here.



this is just.... weird... you like bananas? don't watch it.


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