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#2 - Noteworthy Effects

Hello again, everypony. Hope you're doing well.


Here are some interesting tidbits about my experiment so far. And yes, I realize how legitimately crazy this all sounds, but I'm just 100 percent typing up exactly how I feel during this hypnosis experiment. I'm not making any of this up. So, with that out of the way, let's begin.


Ever since "becoming a Pegasus," I've noticed that I can feel my "new form" even when I don't use any trigger phrases from the hypnosis files.


For example, I can feel my pony ears pretty much all day. Heck, I can feel them right now! Even when I'm driving in my car, I can feel my pony ears "brushing against the ceiling." Lol. It's the weirdest sensation.


And speaking of pony ears, I have found that it feels absolutely amazing to scratch behind them. Like...I can't even describe how good it feels.


Also, I can feel my tail during some parts of the day. No joke. I can feel it...kinda swishing back and forth, even when I'm sitting down. It's the craziest thing.


Also, it feels weird to interlock my fingers it's unnatural. Interesting tidbit.


And, by far the most interesting...When I look in the mirror now, something my human face. It's...almost unfamiliar...I'm keeping a close eye here.


And finally, my wings feel like they're coming in much faster when I say trigger phrases now. Yesterday, they shot out in just a few seconds. It was awesome!


That's about it for now. I'm wishing you all a pleasant rest of your day.




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It doesn't sound crazy valiant :) It's really cool that you are able to experience the joy of being a pony! 

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