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#3, #4 - Progress / The First Negative Effect

Valiant 2.0


Hello, friends. Hope you're doing well.


This hypnosis experiment is still going quite well. It's feeling better and more comfortable to "be a Pegasus" as the days go by. I still can't believe it's working so vividly, you know? Maybe I'm just very susceptible to hypnosis...I don't know.


Side note: I think my taste buds are getting more sensitive or something, because fruits and veggies taste like food from Heaven now. Lol. I didn't eat too many fruits or veggies before this experiment, but now I specifically search for them when I'm at the store or at a restaurant. Very interesting...


Also, a few days ago, I listened to the hypnosis trigger reinforcement file. Very successful. I read a tip saying you should imagine yourself in your Pony form, in front of a mirror, right after a hypnosis session. I tried it, and I was able to clearly see myself picking up my hooves and smiling at them. It was wild.


***#4 - The First Negative Effect***


Hey, y'all. Hope you're doing well.


I'm gonna try something different and use bullet points this time around.


...Things are going quite well. Yesterday, on my way home from college, I said a trigger phrase while driving. Probably not the best idea I've had, but I'm glad I did. It was by far the best "transformation" I've had yet. The sensations are definitely getting stronger.


...I hadn't felt any negative effects of this experiment...until a few nights ago. I listened to the Generic Pegasus file, my main hypnosis file, after a long tiring day. It worked well, of course, but afterwards I felt dizzy and kinda nauseous for the rest of the night. So...lesson learned: don't listen to files when I'm dead tired.


...The next night, as I was about to go to sleep, I got some cabin socks out of my drawer and put them over my hands to simulate hooves. Then I got into bed and said a trigger phrase. It worked exceptionally well. It was pretty dark in my room, so I could only make out the shapes of my hands, and they legit looked and felt like hooves! It was amazing!


...Earlier this week, I listened to the Pony Body Reinforcement file. Another great session. I could really feel the change in my neck and hands this time.


Well, that pretty much takes this journal up-to-date. Thanks for reading, and have a good rest of the day, y'all.

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