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Episode 6 - Light Bulbs




You know what really grinds my gears?  New light bulbs.

I'm so f*cking sick of new-fangled light bulbs that burn out like sh*t.  Am I the only person who wants incandescent bulbs back?  F*ck, I swear, all the new technologies are garbage.  First we had compact fluorescent: fabled as lasting much longer than incandescent.  They're supposed to last for years.  I've never had a single compact fluorescent bulb that lasted any longer than an incandescent.  They use less energy, yes.  That's a plus.  They didn't really seem to be any worse than incandescents.  I didn't really mind compact fluorescents.  But now those are almost extinct.  Now it's all LED.  I hate these things.  LED is supposed to be far superior to all old technology.  Low energy, and they're supposed to last for some...like...a frickin decade at least.  That's what they say.  We just moved to a new house and got brand new light fixtures, all with LED, and we've already had two bulbs burn out...in FOUR MONTHS.  Incandescents woulda lasted longer than that!  I've had extremely fickle results with LED flashlights, too.  So far, I have not seen one solid piece of evidence to suggest that LED is superior to incandescent, at least not in terms of reliability.  I'm not some techphobic old fogey, but I swear, I wish we could go back to tried and true incandescents.  They WORKED.



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