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S7 Episodes 1 and 2 [SPOILERS]



I was planning on watching the streams live, but sadly I had to wait until I got family stuff out of the way, with Easter tomorrow. Finally watched a little bit ago though, and here are my thoughts:



Celestial Advice:
Ok: how in the heck is Starlight ready to move on? In the name of Celestia (yes Celestia, you ARE an expression ;)) does Twilight have nothing left to teach her? Are we missing like another season (or two?) worth of Starlight episodes, because we did not see too much progress from her in Season 6. Yeah, To Where And Back Again was impressive, but give me a break... I'm a Starlight fan and I feel a bit cheated. I wanted to see her journey but it progressed too quickly. Oh well, at least she isn't disappearing indefinitely.

With that out of the way, hmm, let's see... the Twilight, Spike, and Celestia moments were heartwarming. Especially Celestia's memories of the time immediately before she sent Twilight away to Ponyville.

I'm just gonna say this now: Discord was pretty annoying. He was too much of a pest to Twilight. Like come on bro, give the princess some space... Starlight's not your student.

Oh well. The situation with Starlight bugs me, but whatevs. As I said, we can only assume that there was a whole lot she did that we didn't get to see in Season 6.

6.5/10. Probably my least favorite premiere episode.

All Bottled Up:
I can't help but think this would've fit pretty well in Season 6, before Starlight's "graduation." Would've made for a good sequel to No Second Prance. But whatever.

As I mentioned previously, I'm a Starlight Glimmer fan. And reforming Trixie was one of my personal highlights of Season 6. Finally, one of my favorite "obscure" characters is getting the screen time she deserves. And thank Celestia, Twilight's grudge with Trixie has dissipated. So seeing Starlight and Trixie both in the spotlight again was nice.

The Mane 6's friendship retreat was pretty cheesy. I don't have much to say about it other than I liked the persistent gag in which their dialogue mirrored that of their pals back in Ponyville. And I guess the song wasn't bad. *shrug*

The episode's moral was kinda forgettable. Sure, it's good for kids; don't bottle up your anger, lest it build up so that it ends up hurting someone. But I suppose it wasn't terribly original. Green Isn't Your Color and Putting Your Hoof Down come to mind as episodes with similar morals.

Hmmmm... what else...?

Again, not an amazing premiere episode, but at least it was presented as more of a standalone story. Starlight and Trixie are cute together, makes me want to see more duo episodes with those two.


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I agree with you on the moral of All Bottled Up. The literal bottling of anger was clever, but outside of that the episode was kind of forgettable. I feel like they could've done more with it than they did.

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