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Rambling(#11): Days that I miss

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Last night I was thinking while going on a walk. During the past several years, me and my few offline friends loved to play video games together or perhaps go places. Playing stuff like Minecraft, Dynasty Warriors, or even Mario Kart 64. Those are times that I cherish. I got to thinking about it all though, about how it all sorta vanished. How we just don't do those things anymore it seems. I am not sure why. Perhaps everyone is just busy with their own life, which I can understand. Perhaps there has been a falling out between me and them somehow that I am not aware of. Whatever the cause, it bothers me. Those same friends are essentially the only 'offline' friends that I have. I barely get to see them anymore, let alone do anything with them.

I am not sure if those times will ever come back as they were, but I guess all I can do is hope. I still get to play games with my boyfriend and that I am very thankful for. I hope one day it can come full circle and have those friends be able to do the same thing, and us enjoy those simple things like in the past. I miss those days.

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Yeah, I know what you mean.  I often think back to when I got to hang out with irl friends regularly and play Magic and stuff.  I really miss those days.  That was over ten years ago.  Now everybody is just busy with work and their own lives.  Most are too busy to answer a frigging email, let alone get together with me.

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