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Episode 7 - Reboot Titles




Hey.  You know what really grinds my gears?

Reboot titles.

We all know that Hollywood shoots out reboots like a rapid-fire crap machine.  Some of them are actually good and warranted, though.  Many are grave injustices.  But what annoys me to no end is when they give the reboot the exact same title as the original!  No subtitle, nothing to differentiate it!  This drives me f*ckin nuts, because you constantly have to describe which one you're talking about.  Dates are ascribed to movies and games just to be able to tell what we're talking about.

Take these for example:

DOOM.  Are we talking about this:



Or this?



Star Trek.  This?



Or this?



Tomb Raider.  This?



Or this?!



Ghostbusters.  This?!






I think I've made my case.  Give them a frigging subtitle!  Tomb Raider Origins, Star Trek Reborn, y'know, something like that!  Instead we have to call them Tomb Raider 2013, Ghostbusters 2016, New Star Trek, Abrams Star Trek, sh*t like that.  AAARRG!!!  It burns me so much!!  I had to type in the dates or "original" just to find the right images on Google!  AAAARRRR!!!!  :Cozy:

Franchises that did it right?  The Dark Knight, Man of Steel.  What a novel idea.  They didn't just call it Batman, and Superman.  Now we know what we're talking about.  The moral of the story is give reboots a different title or a subtitle, god dammit!

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