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MLP FIM S7 EP7:Parental Glideance Tilg's Review

I didn't have time too write a review for this episode until now. Anyways llet's get into this.

The CMC have a heavy presence within the season so far. The next episode after this one is a CMC episode. And Forever Filly was a Sweetie Belle and Rarity episode. With the CMC even having their own b plot within the episode. Too be honest though I can't complain. I won't talk much about it here, I will wait till next week. But it is good too see that the CMC have evolved since we've first seen them.

It's also good too see that despite their maturity they are still just little kids. I think having Scootaloo just crash in on Rainhow Dash's parents was the perfect intrroduction. Because if the setup instead was Rainbow Dash going too her parents house for dinner, maybe inviting Fluttershy or Twilight too go with her, then before we even met them we already would have had a bias towards them. Because Dash would have complained about how annoying her parents are. Which would leave people with an impression that they are annoying before we even met them.

It's also interesting that Scootaloo finnaly met Dash's parents. For the last several season Rainbow has served as Scootaloo's defacto older sister even if they aren't biologically related. I am curious if they will ever expand upon that. Also seeing the trophy room of Dash's childhood was a good way too illustrate the type of parents they were. And it is easy too see why Dash has such an aversion too her parents.

Also that sound affect door was great. The humour for this episode was spot on. And I love the new voice actors for Dash's parents. I am curious how Dash's parents managed too not know their daughter was a wonderbolt. Normally you'd think one of your countries biggest sports teams hires a new memebr, especially if that member has helped save the world several times.

Seeing Dash's reaction too her parents really cements the message of this episode. Dash says she loves her parents very much but shes ashamed too even be around them. This reminds me of that one Apple Bloom episode were AB was emabressed of Granny Smith. Even if your family is unusual or embarising they still love you and in some cases probaly know more than you do. 

Dash's freak out was actually kind of justified though. Should she have been mean too her parents? No. But congradulating someone for hanging a towel is pretty ridiculous. And they were defintly over the top at certain momemts. It's also interesting too know more about Scootaloo's home life. This is the closest we've ever gotten too that. And at this point I think even the writers acknoweldge that it's weird that we haven't seen Scootaloo's parents yet. 

I also hope we see Scootaloo spending more time with Dash's parents. Especially when Rainbow is basically her older sister at this point. I also like seeing these charcters interacting with each others parents. In the Zephyr Breeze episode we know that Rainbow Dash used too spend time at Fluttershy's house. And it's good too know that they were friends even before ponyville. And this episode suggests that Twilight has met and interacted with Dash's parents. Which I'm assuming happend after she became an alicorn. 

Anyways that's all I really had too say about this episode. I have laso decided that I will try writing mlp reviews by Thursday and Hanazuki reviews on the day they come out or the following Wednsday. Anyways if you bothered too read this I hope you enjoyed it.

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