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It's About Time...

Nervous Stitch



I quit MLPF and Poniverse a while back, or at least I told myself so. It had become too habitual to not be curious of the going-ons, checking up on those I still care for, and being unable to shake the mentality I had for so long concerning Poniverse's direction. PR head and board was short for me, but enough to get into my head and make me care a smidgen too much. Without closure, I feel unable to leave and end my haunting of this place and it's characters - only now have I found that closure.

Just over a week ago I got married to the man I met here, Simon. A year to-date from when he moved into my house spontaneously during a weekend visit. He's been much better at letting go of Poniverse, held mostly by my occasional updates. Poniverse holds so many frustrations and confusions for me, and in moments of annoyance I regret ever being here - but at the end of the day, I cannot be anything but thankful for all that has occurred, which has brought me so close to the one I love.

Somehow, by marital bond, I feel this chapter of my life has ended peacefully. There are many things to many individuals left unsaid, which should stay unsaid. 

I'm blessed to have had this opportunity, to have had the positive and negative influences of each and every individual I've encountered. I stand stronger, next to who I love. Thank you.


Nervous Stitch 

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