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Dash Log 1 - Coming out as a brony



So, this blog has been sitting here a few days weeks, but has yet to receive an entry.

Time to change that, with my first stupid tail from my life.


So, my world history class received an assignment a few weeks back called The Little Known History project. The goal was to research a little known historical event, and give a 10 minute presentation to the class.

So, being the foalish idiot I am, I sent my teacher an email with my personal email address that I use for the fandom, asking if I could present of the history of the brony fandom.

And being the awesome teacher she is, she agreed to it as if I had something more "normal".


So, time goes by and I get closer and closer to presenting. And the closer I got to my presentation date, the more and more panicked I got. My panic actually got to the point where I started to feel physically ill right before the presentation. Most of it was just in my head, because a lot of the class already knew I was a brony.


So, finally, I go up there to present. And to keep ponies guessing, no one knew what my topic was. The first slide in my powerpoint was blank, and all I said to the class on that slide was that despite the weird topics of the history of lipstick and John Greene conspiracy theories, I had found something that outweirded all of them. But I still didn't tell them what it was.


The second slide had a list of names of celebrity bronies that had been confirmed, and the question "What do they all have in common?"

After a bunch of stupid answers, with the closest answer being "They all have something in common", I switched to slide three: a picture of Rainbow Dash.


And the moment I put that picture up, the entire room pretty much did a double take and burst into laughter. We spend the rest of the presentation making stupid jokes as I went through, because honestly, they found the whole thing hilarious. And so, I managed to come out as a brony both in a hilarious and dramatic fashion and without anypony putting me down. They loved the presentation, and I got a perfect score.


I don't know when the next one of these will be, so keep an eye out! Tell me your thoughts down in that convenient little box down below.

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Eeeeeyyyyy That is waaay better than the way I came out. I was laying on the couch and my mother walked in. It was super awkward! GOOD ON YOU FOR BEING YOURSELF!!!

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