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Star Petal


I got my Glasses, I got my time when I head up to Salem Oregon locked in, and my buddy who is going with me! I can't wait for this eclipse. I just need to now go see if I can get a solar filter for my camera before it is too late and take a picture of it. Or maybe hold a pair of solar glasses up to my camera lense and see if that is good enough.

Probably not. 

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Monday is going to be HELL for me since I live in the prime viewing location for Total Eclipse. I work in an industrial park, so I'll have to present my badge so I can actually go to work. I also expect there will be a lot of people going to call out for no reason.

But once 1:30 gets there, and I see a Total Solar Eclipse, it will all be worth it. I have waited YEARS for this.

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