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Hi my name is Red Leaf and this is how I got my cuti mark

It was more of a fun accident then anything else with one of my experiments with my best friend Draculs help, oh that right I'm a crystal unicorn with a green coat and a red main my looks don't bother me too much I mean hearts and hoofs day other ponies make holiday joke around me but honestly magic is more important to me then looks.

My best friend is a dragon, no hes not dangerous or anything like that his wings haven't grown out yet but honestly it dose not matter to me just don't make fin of that fact. Then again if your trying to pick a fight with a dragon no pony would feel sorry for you, all tho I do feel sorry for him. He was born with pink scales along with red hair and horns that curved forward like a rams. I don't know much about dragons but the pink scales makes him a target for bullys. Then again im a walking talking hearts and hoofs tree. Its actualy how me and him met but that's another story, he tells it better too.

"leaf you really don't leave your shed often do you?" the dragon asked as I led him to the shack my uncle lets me use for my magical experiments.

"come on Drac you make me sound like a hermit" I said opening the door to the shed.

Now in the shed I have a lot of experiments laid about my proudest is a pool I was working on at the time. At that time it was more of a giant tub I found and essentially stretched out with my uncles help.

"Ive seen this before Leaf" Dracul said  board

"yes but have you seen this" I say bringing out a crystal my uncle Chirob let me use, Dracules eyes grew surprised at it" the crystal I held up with my magic was a bright blue one. Large enough to be a cake found at the sugar cube corner

"where did your uncle find this?" he asked holding it in his claws

"he won it in a game of dice I cant believe he let me use it for this experiment this is going to be fun!" I said hopping up and down a bit

"how did you convince him to let you?" Dracule asked

"well I spent the week reorganizing his entire library I found a book on replenishing magic and after looking over it I came up with an idea" I explained

Dracule still had his raised eyebrow at me "if this is about you learning to breath fire ive told you dad wont let me ask for that from Zeccora" Dracule said still skeptical

"oh I gave up on that idea cant read that zebras hoof writing yet" I say taking the crystal from him setting it in the tub.

"ok so what's are we doing with this crystal?" he asked

"we are going to use it to make the first magical pool!" I said

Dracule blinked again at that "oh come on!" he said


"we are going to melt it?!"

"well more explode it what's wrong" I asked

 "its so big, and shiny....looks really yummy tooo!" my friend wined looking at it

"my uncle has 9 more Drac don't worry" I said

That brightened...a bit "still..its so shiny..."

I roll my eye forgetting dragons love for jems

"look Dracule ill ask my uncle more about where he got them, besides I know you've been breathing fire when we spare" I joke

Dracule puffed his chest at that "well I cant let your magic beat mine" he said

"tell you what a cream soda says I can blow that up better then you can" I said knowing Dracule is better at challenges then me but its still fun to do magic duals every now and then.

"oh your so on!" he said taking a stance outside the tube

"now we just need to combine our magic your dragon fire with mine and we should be abele to make this pool help regenerate both of our magic's if we poor all we got into this" I say getting at an good an position to focus on the crystal.

The crystal now on a stand in the giant tub I positioned my legs looking at Dracul who did the same thing I breathed out focusing on the crystal ahead of me "3" I began feeling the magical energy fill my horn up I bowed my head focusing on the crystal letting the power fill me up

"2" he said breathing out a small ball of fire

"1!" we both said and at the same time I relaxed my magical energy in a controlled beam at the large crystal as he bathed it in his fire breath. As the two beams collided into each other. I could feel the heat from his fire but at the same time I could also see the crystal somehow getting brighter. I had to close my eye but still imagine it with my magical beam going at it. I couldn't tell how long the two beams had collided for I do know hearing an explosion then black.

When I came too I found myself surrounded by a oddly warm blanket ok it felt like a blanket but as I saw my surroundings it found out that "Red leaf your a genies it worked!" dracule said  

As I look around I see the tube was filled with a purple liquid but didn't feel like one, the liquid was soft like a blanket but light enough to almost be mistaken for smoke. 

"so is that was the explosion?" I asked

"I think so I feel like I breath for days!" the dragon said jumping a bit and unleashing a small ball of ember and beginning to juggle with it "this is awesome!" he said playing with his fire more

 I get up feeling like I just got done napping "I feel like I just got done sleeping" I said with a stretch Dracule stopped playing with the fire "hey um leaf you got a...um" he said

"what any side effects?" I asked

"well...uh...I don't know much about but tattoos but I think you got one" he said

"but tattoos why would a pool give" I pause looking at my flank and their on their was my cutie mark!

"I got a cuti mark!" I said jumping up and down

The mark was a blue diamond with 4 curves or waves coming out of the tips of it that was red. "Its so cool!" I said jumping up and down

Dracule shrugged "so?"

I stop my jumping "sorry drac but having a cuti mark is kind of like breathing fire for the first time for you" I tried to explain

Dracule laughed "so pony's also burn their dads mane off?!"

"wait what, I don't see a batpony without a mane" I say almost laughing

"that because the only one you probably know is dad"

"ya, but after you burnt your dads mane there was a party right?" I asked

"once he got back from Zeccoras ya" Dracule said

"Same thing! im going to get my uncle thanks for helping drac come on!" I said to give my uncle the good news

The end

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