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Skyrim: My 2nd Playthrough



Hey guys, how is everyone? this is my first blog. I've been on the forums for almost 2 years, but i just found out about this feature today kek. Today, I will be talking about a game that has wide acclaim, and my 2nd Play-through on it:The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

so, I started playing a week or two ago, and i decided i wanted to do something out of the usual this time, an unarmed character. I found this awesome forum post about it that inspired me to want to crush some skulls with my FUCKING BARE HANDS. heres the link:(https://www.giantbomb.com/forums/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-6593/i-punch-giants-how-to-become-a-master-of-unarmed-c-524255/)So, i created my character(a khajiit) and I did the intro crap, and then i headed to whiterun, to the hall of the dead, and grinded a bit by getting hit by skeletons and using a healing spell over and over again. After doing that for about 20 to 30 minutes, i decided to go to riften and get the unarmed enchantment by getting a piece of equipment with the enchantment from gian the fist. he was easier my 2nd playthrough, since i had heavy armor on, instead of the light armor of my archer. i punched that cunt into the ground and got the enchantments. I went to disenchant them. I did some quests, got the black star, joined the dark brotherhood, thieves guild, and the companions, and I became a nightingale and became the listener, and a werewolf. I did some of the main quest, and i have the following shouts unlocked so far: Unrelenting force, Marked for death, fire breath, whirlwind sprint, disarm. 

My insight about it so far:

I like this style of play better than my first playthrough. It gives me a challenge(Playing on adept difficulty) and allows me to pummel my opponents into submission and send them to the void hardcore style. I was unsatisfied when i beat the main quest because, well, its lame. Skyrim is an awesome game though, and i will be playing it for a while, because i have quite a lot of skulls to bash.

A few questions to get the comments going: Whats your opinion about the special Edition of skyrim, and if you have played skyrim, what was your experience of the game and did you enjoy it?

For now though, I'll be disarming people and beating them like beowulf. Cya next time. 

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I like Special Edition because I can finally have mods on my console lol

I've put a lot of time into Skyrim but I feel I still can't give a full opinion other than "I like it" because I never get far before starting a new character. Seems I always think of a new idea and leave my old character behind.

Btw unarmed is better in Oblivion because there's actually a skill for it.

edit: wow ok after reading that thing you linked i'm deleting everything and doing unarmed forever

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My opinion of the Skyrim SE is that the original skyrim was pretty much unplayable for me as it couldnt allocate enough memory for me and my 17 followers so the 64 bit engine is my saviour. me and my followers can now finally ravage the land of skyrim without constant crashes

Now been running SE with about 300 mods current playthrough about 200 hours though  lost last  10 hours since savegame got glitchy  but its better now =) 

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