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My Gaming Day(12th September and few random days prior 2017)

Deae Rising Shine~


Formula 1 2014:
-Monaco Free Practice 1st(Beated Teammate)
-Monaco Qualifying 3rd(Beated Teammate)
-Monaco Race 1st(Beated Teammate)(WITH BUCKING FNISHED WHEELS FOR 10 LAPS AND MANY REVERSES!!! I was pretty much sliding trough Monaco the last 10 laps! with like 5 drivers right behind me!)
-Target Qualifying: 10th Suceed
-Target race 4th Suceed
--Race Result:

1.Rising Shine/Marussia
2.Kimi Räikkönen/Ferrari
3.Nico Rosberg/Mercedes
4.Fernando Alonso/Ferrari
5.Daniel Ricciardo/Red Bull
6.Felipe Massa/Williams
7.Valtteri Bottas/Williams
8.Sebastian Vettel/Red Bull
9.Sergio Perez/Force India
10.Jean-Eric Vergne/Toro Rosso

15.Jules Bianchi/Marussia


-Championship 3rd(75 Points)(+25)(+1)
-Ahead Hmilton 86 Points
-Follower Vettel 75 Points

1.Nico Rosberg/Mercedes(119 Points)(+15)(--)

2.Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes(86 Points)(+0)(--)

3.Rising Shine/Marussia(75 Points)(+25)(+1 Position)
4.Sebastian Vettel/Red Bull(75 Points)(+4)(-1 Position)

5.Fernando Alonso/Ferrari(57 Points)(+12)(--)
6.Daniel Ricciardo/Red Bull(47 Points)(+10)(--)

7.Kimi Räikkönen/Ferrari(31 Points)(+18)(NEW)

8.Felipe Massa/Williams(27 Points)(+8)(+2 Positions)

9.Nico Hülkenberg/Force India(24 Points)(+0)(-2 Positions)

10.Kevin Magnussen/McLaren(20 Points)(+0)(-2 Positions)
20.Jules Bianchi/Marussia(0 Points)(+0)(+2 Positions)


-Team-Championship 4th(75 points)
-Team Ahead Ferrari 88 Points
-Team Follower Force India 42 Points
1.Mercedes 205 Points(Rosberg 119/Hamilton 86)(--)
2.Red Bull 122 Points(Vettel 75/Ricciardo 47)(--)

3.Ferrari 88 Points(Alonso 57/Räikkönen 31)(--)

4.Marussia(Shine 75/Bianchi 0)(--)
5.Force India 42 Points(Hülkenberg 24/Perez 18)(--)



Australia 21st(+0 Points)(0)
Malaysia 20th(+0 Points)(0)

Bahrain 5th(+10 Points)(10)

China 1st(+25 Points)(35)

Spain 3rd(+15 Points)(50)

Monaco 1st(+25 Points)(75)





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