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I am so sick and tired of fans who think they know better

Mesme Rize


Is it really so hard for some of you people, to enjoy a show for colorful ponies, without throwing a hissy fit and scream "RUINED FOREVER"? Can't you be more respectful towards the writers, without throwing them all under the bus and spitting on the work they put into it, which YOU have never took part in? No? Well, maybe i expect too much of this fandom then. :dry:

Today was another one of those moments where i have to ask myself "Is it really too much to ask to have a civil discussion?" Apparently it is, because Spike is not in the upcoming episodes and this is apparently worse then the holocaust.

Some advice: grow a hecking spine, you're not 4 years old.

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People take the show too seriously I find, the same with any tv series or movie tbh. I find that if I stop thinking about how well written something is or how much it deserves or doesn't deserve an Oscar then I can actually make a clear assessment on what really matters, was it entertaining? People are so quick to scream, this character is acting different or that's a deus ex machina! and they don't notice that this kind of media doesn't have to be perfect and 10/10, award winning, everybody loves it kind of good in order to be enjoyed or taken to heart.

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Discussing is fine, but some people take it beyond fun and calm and then it gets annoying. I fully agree with you here.

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