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Stormy's Unlucky Day (Not a FimFic)



Seems today is just a really bad and unlucky feeling day for me, so I'll just list the things that have happened so far this 24hours.

Last night I guess, Couldnt find an english dub stream for Princess Kaguga movie and the online stores also lacked this DVD from the Ghibli sales so ive been unable to get a copy of it. Then the whole night I spent sweating fighting a headache and just being overheated and dehydrated. Woke up in a pool of sweat near enough, with the same headache. Got into the shower, my Dad uses the kitchen taps and causes my shower to loose pressure then go cold for longer than it should have =( 

I accidently take Denz's lunch snacks because I forgot I bought another flavour. As soon as we walk out the door, it starts raining a small monsoon on us walking to work. 

This morning I find it hard to make myself draw today's Inktober drawing, got there eventually, but even my fursona's expression isnt a happy one like I wanted.

The PC at work is suffering, think the fan is on its way out and its just not happy with me.

I tried to suggest that bronies going to see the movie in cinemas be mature about it and courteous to parents and kids going too, then that blows up in my face and apprently Ive taken some rights away from my friends because im trying to be the voice of reason. So Ive got my brony friends having a go at me because I just advise them on being, well, normal. We dont get the chance to hire out showings for group meets like the bigger international groups can. 

So to calm myself down a bit, I wanted to get some Milky Way bars, but the shop I go to is out of stock of the packs I want, so I attempt to buy something else. The card machine is broken, so I have to go find a cash point instead of have the attendant move to the next empty till to use that machine, causing me to hold up the queue behind me as well as cut in front to come back to pay in cash. 

*sigh* It's only 12.30... what else is to come? ;_; 


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21 hours ago, The Artist Formerly Known As A.V. said:

Me after initially thinking this was going to be a quick crackfic about The Storm King:



if you read the title I did state that this is not a fimfic at all =/ I just had a really crap day irl

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