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Xbox One X Initial Impressions

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I will say this right off the Flutterbat, the Xbox One X being smaller than S is very impressive. This definitely shows with how heavy the system is, which it is surprisingly somewhat heavy. Seems a lot was put into such a small unit to make it work and it seems to work wonders.

From what I have seen thus far, the X is an impressive machine. Forza 7, a flagship title for the X, runs at a beautiful native 4K and 60fps, but another thing impressed me was the rearview mirrors. On the other systems, the mirrors did not match the framerate of the game itself, most likely due to having to render multiple very detailed things like that from different sources. On the X though, the reflections in the mirrors run at 60fps as well, which at first was jarring as hell, but it is friggin cool. It makes the racing experience even more immersive as cars at your bumper in the mirros will be moving at the same buttery smooth rate that the rest of the game does. Forza 7 is definitely a wonderful showcase for the power of the X.

I then tested a few other 'Enhanced' games, firstly Call of Duty WW2. Honestly, I can't tell much of a different on this once, but that could be because the Call of Duty franchise has been behind on graphics for years. Then again I only tried the multiplayer portion and since I didn't start the campaign on the S, I won't have a major point of comparison.

Next, Killer Instinct. First time I played this one in a while and damn does it look good. I am not sure how it compares to the S since I can't remember, but on the X the game looks incredibly crisp. Crisp and clear are good keywords for the X. It truly does make a difference. The particle effects in KI look better than ever.

I also booted up Skate 3, an Xbox 360 title compatible on the Xbox One that has been enhanced for the X. This is one perfect example of the crisp and clear thing I mentioned. The jaggies from before seem to be completely gone on the X. The textures look better and HDR was added as well, making the colors more vibrant. This is one I was able to tell an immediate difference and if this is what we can expect for 360 games on the X, then I am very excited for more.

Lastly, I tried a 360 game that is not specifically enhanced for the X, yet. Grand Theft Auto IV. What a classic. I played this online with my boyfriend for a couple of hours and the main thing I noticed, was the framerate. While it wasn't locked, I saw the game clearly jump to 60fps multiple times, sometimes for a little while. This is something that impressed me greatly because again, this game has not been specifically enhanced and it is a 360 title, which means it is being emulated, and there still was very noticeable improvements in performance. I hope the game gets fully enhanced at some point.

So far, these are my initial impressions of the Xbox One X. From what I can see, this machine is beastly. It clearly shows its prowess in most of these games and Microsoft's goal of making a new powerhouse in the console market has succeeded with flying colors. I still need to try more games out to see any improvements, but so far, I am mostly impressed. I will say that while the X is impressing me, I am happy that Microsoft is pushing the Xbox One S very hard for the holidays. They are making amazing bundle deals that include things like 3 month of game pass and even 1 or 2 full games with it. That is immense. It is a very good deal for gamers.

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hmmm i might get the xbox one x next year but the lack of games that are specifically made for the xbox one x are...slim i know its a kids game but super luckys tale seem like a game that i would play xD i could replay the halo series again on the x to...plus i really want to get in the racing scene again but..sorry to say this but forza 7 just looks kinda....boring to be honest...it was mostly made just for graphics not gameply...sure it might be a good game for a little while but i just cant get the feeling it was made just for graphics yes i understand its also important to but remember just dont forget to implant some new stuff in the forza series horizon 3 was a good game ! although i stopped long time ago XD

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