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Who was the better villain in 2017?



Better villain of 2017  

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  1. 1. Who was the better villain?

    • The Pony of Shadow(Shadow Play)
    • The Storm King(My Little Pony: The Movie)
    • Supreme Leader Snoke(Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

Now folks, I'm doing a poll based on villains.  Mainly My Little Pony.  But you'll find that I put in a 3rd villain from the Star Wars franchise just for fun.  Anyway, here are our entries.

1) The Pony of Shadows: While his form was indeed scary, he was rarely used and didn't do a whole lot to the Mane 6 or the Pillar 6 in Present time.  Some say he had as much screen time as Nightmare Moon during the Series Premier: Friendship is Magic Part 1 and 2.  In the end, he was banished back to the void, but without Stygian.

2) The Storm King: We barely saw this guy in the early part of the film.  He doesn't show up till way later, and he is not as powerful as many other villains like Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis and Tirek.  He ultimately double crossed his second-in-command Tempest Shadow, only to meet his end courtesy of an Obsidian Orb meant for Twilight.

3) Supreme Leader Snoke: The Star Wars villain.  He was brutal and intimidating.  And while he did torment Rey, he was brought down by his student Kylo Ren, who slashed him in half just so he could take over the First Order.  

So out of these three: Who came out ahead?  Vote and find out.

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Storm King.


At least he temporarily achieved his goal (unlike Shadows) and wasn't just @$$pulled to death midway through (unlike Snoke).

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I mean, none of them were exactly compelling, and since apparently non-MLP villains count since Snoke is here, I'm gonna say fuck all of them and go with either Rita Repulsa(Power Rangers 2017) or Vulture(Spiderman Homecoming)

But between these 3...Storm King I had the most fun with. Pony of Shadows was the least interesting thing about Shadow Play(not Stygian, who I actually liked) and Snoke had way too much hype and was needlessly offed as if the writers were just deliberately being assholes and thought they could be clever

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I voted for Pony of Shadows because he is the most interesting, coupled with Stygian that is, he/it adds a new layer of lore and mythos to the MLP universe whereas we know nothing of the Storm King or Supreme Leader Snoke. 

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I found Snoke underwhelming compared to his portrayal in The Force Awakens, and the Storm King was funny but not all that interesting.

The Pony of Shadows was cool, though. Stygian is kind of a Kylo Ren sort of figure, now that I think about it. :huh: Both characters had a similar fall from grace, in which the darkness (represented by Snoke in Ben Solo's case) called out to them and before long, they were consumed. Stygian was a heroic ally of the Pillars who turned evil, while Ben Solo was part of a new generation of Jedi.

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