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Hello, everyone...

As most of you might know, a once popular Brony known as ToonKriticY2K had recently been caught grooming a 14-year-old girl from the Philippines. Although the news didn't come as much of a surprise to me, as I have suspected for a long time that the Brony fandom has got a bit of a problem with pedophilia, it did definitely upset me as it confirmed those suspicions when the news broke...

I did not really know or care much about ToonKriticY2K before this incident happened, mainly because I haven't really been following the so-called "Bronalysis" community, but after hearing about this incident, I now have a strong feeling of contempt towards him, with the quality of his content on YouTube being completely irrelevant to me now, and I honestly hope he stays in prison, away from any child as I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT tolerate people who do the kind of things he did... Doesn't matter whether the age difference is 5 years or 10 years, if you groom and manipulate children for god knows what, I don't want anything to do with people like him...

As for the so-called "Bronalysis" community, as mentioned before, I've never really followed much of the community, except for Josh Scorcher, but I do have a serious problem with how they handled the situation, especially with those in the leaked Skype call, as I personally think that the logs being leaked as well as the Skype call had to happen, and I'm sure Toon would have easily been able to deny any of this happened without the leaks...

Honestly, I have made this post because I do really feel like there is a potentially huge pedophilia problem inside the Brony community as a whole, and that we should be doing a lot more to make it clear that this is no place for anyone like that, "horse famous" or not and personally, I am at least glad that the people here on MLP Forums and Poniverse are very disgusted by the actions of this one person, and working on a solution to try to prevent such behavior from happening on this platform, though of course, action does need to be taken elsewhere, such as at conventions, on other websites, at meetups and anywhere else these people might be hiding, so the fandom can actually be the safe place it is supposed to be and actively prevent incidents like this as much as possible...

Unfortunately, I still lack any good ideas that could help prevent this clear issue that exists within our fandom, which cannot be ignored any longer, and before I finish this post, I also just wanted to tell the people who have been concerned about our fandom's reputation and what the mainstream media would do with this kind of information if they heard about it that our fandom's reputation has pretty much been negative for outsiders since day one, and I personally don't care what the MSM thinks. Besides, wouldn't actively condemning and getting rid of the creeps and pedophiles in our community help us more in the long run? Because that's what's been going on in my mind for a while since the news broke...

Thank you for taking the time to read this...

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I think that pedophilia should never be tolerated in any case, but especially not in this community. I've always come to like this community because we pride ourselves on being kind to others. I've always just thought this pedophilia rumour about this community is just a misrepresentation of us and none of this actually happen in this fandom. Now knowing it clearly does within this community, we need to end this once and for all. We can't keep them in and let them act all friendly like us and suddenly something like this happens. This isn't us, it's a common misconception of us. I haven't interacted with the community for very long, but I know we're better than this from what I've seen these past two months. Like everyone here, I hope this ends soon.

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This incedent has truly sickened me.

I hope that ToonKriticY2K gets arrested and when (if) he ever gets out, he should be banned from the internet.

I'm praying he goes to jail for a LOOOOOONG TIME...

and he's also got rape aligations as well as the confirmed pedophillia and grooming.

I'd never think that people are pedos in our fandom but now I know that this one brony has been found out and I hope he gets discraced IRL.


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OK, so my opinion, then going to leave this so I don't have to switch my avatar back to the tearful one again. :(

I am fairly new to the community, but given the target demographic is preteen girls, it is inevitable that the community will attract SOME lowlives. I just hope that they can be swiftly outed, not just paedos or even wannabe paedos, but anyone who will not treat fellow bronies/pegasisters with respect, especially if they are in or would like to be in a relationship with them.

In addition to this latest outrage, we have had reports of people's drinks being spiked at after-event parties, of former lovers (of Toon, but not JUST of Toon) feeling they couldn't speak of the psychological abuse they had suffered, of a wide range of inappropriate behaviour being tolerated. Surely we can be better than this? I can accept that, if we really wish to respect the message the show has given us, we should be about helping less savoury individuals become better people not punishment, but equally so, we cannot do that by turning a blind eye. At the very least, there must be acknowledgement, remorse and remediation, not scenes like we saw in that call where self-justification and excuse-seeking were substituted.

The timeline for Toon's fall says it all - had he been admonished much earlier when his actions were directed at more age-appropriate victims, he may well have not as fallen so low, nor would he now be helping the FBI with their enquiries. It is not possible to be a good friend to someone like Toon by enabling his actions, as we can now see that just leads to situations like this.

(this is just my feeling on the matter; I don't insist everyone feel as I do, but I do hope this strikes a chord with those as shocked as I am by this news)

In sincerity, Cyphr.



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What bugs me is we have found out other people in the analysis community knew about this long before Josh and them did. Josh is a good chap, and he's in my Discord server and I honestly think he wanted to do the right thing.

However the people  that knew about this before and tried to brush it under the rug? Shame on them. There is a clear problem in the analysis community as this isn't the first incident.

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This disgusts me. I can't even begin to imagine what the victims had to deal with. It's one of the most sickening crimes I can think of. He needs to pay for what he did. I don't care who he is. Brony, or not.

I think it's unfair to say that this fandom has a 'pedophile problem', though. The fact that the vast majority of us condemn his actions says enough for me.

Buy yeah, he needs to be locked up for what he did, I agree 100%. Pedophilia is pedophilia, no matter who, no matter what.

Do we need to be more aware about people like this in our fandom? Absolutely. Any steps we could take to prevent future incidents like this NEED to be taken. But saying that this fandom is 'full of pedophiles' is a bit of an exaggeration.


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Yeah it is pretty sick that they just slide it under the rug and go "eh what cna you do" 
It gives us as a fandom a bad name. it disugest enough how foalcon is allowed on Fimfiction too.

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