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Flower (video game) review



blog-0970021001357218950.jpgHey guys, this is just another video game review I did for the school newspaper. So...uh...enjoy and stuffs. :3




Flower Review


Year: 2009

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Thatgamecompany

Platforms: PS3 (online-exclusive download)


It isn't that often when video games are associated with poetic, clam, relaxing, and moving experiences. Well, with Flower, that's just the case.


In the midst of a generation dominate by extreme, fast-paced, hardcore video games, Flower may seem like a stranger. But once anyone picks up the PlayStation 3 controller and starts this game up, they're instantly transported to a distant, peaceful world.


In Flower, you basically control a flower petal, via the wind. You can move the petal forward in all different directions by tilting and twisting the controller which responds thanks to its gyroscope, a device that can sense where an object is angled in terms of gravity. Any of the buttons pressed will make the wind blow faster.


The level design is magnificent. They all take place in plains, grassy hills, canyons, etc. decorated with gorgeous colors and lovely skies. You start with one petal, then gather a bunch of others to build up a group. As you gather each of the other petals, the ambience of the level turns into a musical sensation. Bell chimes are heard when they're collected, and the background music turns up and becomes more melodious. This is one of the many artistic virtues of this game.


In fact, that's what most of the game is about, a unique experience that delves into an area that video games have done so little times in their long history. The game follows an interesting narrative, the theme is about numerous flowers' and entering their "dreams", which are the levels, as they slowly proceed to the faraway city.


The point of the game is just to encourage us to think about today's typical society, as well as take a good look at the wonders of nature. Later in the story, the many features of the city, such as electrical power lines, begin to be portrayed as an antagonistic character, and the goal of the game is to overcome the industrial and non-natural forces of the city, and spread the wonders of nature.


Through the game, you'll experience moving and beautiful moments that no other form of entertainment can produce. It's some of the best proof out there that video games can indeed be among other art mediums, such as pictures and music. It shows that games as casual as this can mean a lot, in taking players on such a poetic and mystic journey.


Flower is available on the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Store service (online required) for $9.99.


Rating (out of 10): 9.5

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