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Life log entry #1(02/28/18 - 09:50 PM)




Wellp - I'm done with winter. Thanks to the weather changing I'm so achy all over that I can't get to sleep and my sinuous issues aren't helping! Think I might get some writing done, hate wasting time just lying around in pain. If I can't get to sleep might as well accomplish something if possible, hopefully once the weather is clear I'll fell better. Sadly I live in Ohio USA, and when it comes to the weather here I saw it best described in a meme on facebook yesterday - Nature: "You can't have every season in one week!" Ohio: "*hic* Hold my beer!" - you might think that's a joke or an exaggeration but its NOT! One day it was in about the low 50's, the next day it was in the higher 70's, and the day after that we had a snow storm! Think Ohio might be bipolar with sociopathic tendencies. :unsure:         

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