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Fanfic log entry #2 (03/02/18)




Well after much consideration I've decided to up my fanfic's rating to M. This is do to a number of factors, but namely because there a number of mature issues that I may cover throughout the cores of the story, one of them being when is it necessary to take life (such as when fighting for one's own life) and when it's not (such as when someone does so out of hate or fear) and many other "hot button" issues. Though there the fic as a whole will not be constant death and misery, such elements are key to telling the story I want to tell and watering them down just for the sake of keeping a T rating would be doing both the story and myself a disservice which would be both abhorrent and inexcusable. So...yea, wont be posting a link her to it out of respect to both the rules of this board, the staff, and all you wonderful users out there, fear not though, I'll still let you know when its out, and as long as we obey said site rules we should still be able to talk about it here. If anyone has any questions about this fic (provided your not asking for spoilers) I'll be happy to answer asap, and I may yet post an excerpt fro it that doesn't have anything in it that would violate the rules, so that might be a thing later. Thank you for your patients and understanding, see you around and have a nice day! :pinkie:          



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