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Transformers Beast Machines Is Overhated.




It's not Beast Wars, but I still found it to be a good follow up. Beast Machines was way ahead of it's time with some of the darker themes it dealt with. I still have a ton of nostalgia for this series, and the Unicron Trilogy. After dealing with Bayformers for more years than necessary, I think it's time for Beast Machines to get the love it deserves.


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Yah know; I actually enjoyed this series as a kid. Back in the day when FoxKids was a major thing and Digimon was my main sauce; it was always enjoyable having this to go along with it.

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I still haven't watched this or Beast Wars yet lol

Honestly I've always been afraid of the dated CGI :P

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@Whompy Whomperson Beast Wars still holds up really well nowadays. Season 2, and 3 are where the show really hits its stride though, with some of the best episodes and stories ever made for Transformers IMO. "Code Of Hero", "Feral Scream", "Transmutate", and especially "Bad Spark", are all fantastic. The sequel Beast Machines is VERY different from Wars. But in a good way. For the record, I love what they did with Megatron in Beast Machines. The CGI for Beast Wars seasons 2, 3, and Beast Machines do hold up pretty well nowadays.

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Beast Machines took too many steps backwards in terms of characterization for my taste. Much like ReBoot S1 to 3 versus ReBoot S4.

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Beast Wars is my fave Transformers cartoon. I did enjoy Beast Machines, too, but it was a bit boring for me. :maud:

The transformations for the Maximals were pretty weird and difficult to make out how the transforming actually works. :scoots:

I also have plans for buying the Dinobot Masterpiece toy. :wub:

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