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The Compostulate Theorem



If, when, and only if it becomes exceedingly unnecessary to properly undermine the extensive and uninhabitable eccentricities, which, under normal circumstances would defeat the purpose of such extraneous matters, that are heavily scrutinized and routinely serviced on a regular basis with or without authorized clearance en route to various and/or particular paranormal anomalies, one must immediately compromise or police the accurate and precise microcosms in order to effectively prevent he outbreak of conventional and stereotypical subroutines, which are furthermore paralyzed through a series of structural performance issues regarding the aftermaths of internal and foreign processes through which local and domestic aggression postulate a scientific and implied requirement for affixed economic policies, while at the same time intertwining a reverberation or “supremacy” towards the obligatory remarks, which, on an occasional basis have been known to force a rather inexplicable or vexed outcome through which outside factors, both mechanical and chemical, can control, manipulate, reconcile, fumigate, decapulate, compostulate, extrapolate, or otherwise disregard the primary volition, which is the underlying clockwork that constrains each of the contributors before violating or extravagating specific examples by which feedback pulses extradite the remaining problematic devices; moreover, when such composite communiqués resurface, one must realize that it is most advantageous to exercise the privileges explicated in the web-like geometries which amount to several destructive and penetrative types of indirect illumination, two of which can regularize the specious tendency to obliterate and cognify those which are not obviously or otherwise stated in the outright and blatantly unencrypted waves through which both polar and non-parametric distillations can easily travel; the other nineteen, though not as lethargic and demeaning, can still result in great catastrophe if not properly organized during the predominant opportunities outlined in the first relationship through which electronic output, by definition, interrupts the auxiliary percentile of non-threatening maelstroms, though not as implied, can seamlessly distract orientation and defection of virtually every complied linking console, that is to say, without appropriate solutions and condensation, it is precariously impossible to determine the diagnostics of such a protocol, yet even though each of these is constricted to one or more metaphysical volumes void of differential detriment, it is assumed that they can relay standard input through which both types of emissions can congregate without further disruptions; if not, it must be known that while it is futile to benevolently extract the solutions, it is in fact compulsory to irradiate the distraught surges that, in a closed system, will transition a more volatile form of eccentricity that, if allowed to endure, will undoubtedly prevent the approximate security measures compromised of the legitimate and practical statistics used for either succession or hydroponics, yet if not pursed with the utmost intensity, the subroutines will ultimately remotely distinguish each aspect of the original form of phenomenon, through which one can hypothesize that it is possible and instinctively inclined to, with or without probably cause, investigate and preclude the microcosms that, in a sense, force the issue in its entirety by utilizing advanced components including cause, effect, propulsion, exhaust, magnetic acceleration, and exorcism, yet the preceding arguments can only be true if, when, and only if the foremost circumstances are contrived either by accident or design.


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Yup, so I probably should have posted this on April Fool's Day, but I didn't think of it.  After a lot of heavy essays lately, I thought it might be fun to do something silly.  I wrote this a long time ago, back in high school, and I've always thought it was brilliant.  It's complete bullsh*t, obviously.  Just gibberish designed to not look like gibberish.  Hope you enjoyed!  :lol:


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